Vampire Love

Miranda is a 19 year old drop out. She is very rebellious, and her parents kicked her out. Not caring, she gets into drugs and sex. One day she meets a guy named Sebastian. She really likes him, and thinks him being a vampire is hot. Will he change her, or just leave her human? Will he love her, or leave her because of her ways?


16. Chapter 16


Miranda's POV

*Next day*


I woke up and Sebastian was gone, I gave up on wondering where he was. I went down stairs and grabbed one bottle of alcohol, a small one. After I finished drinking it, I went back to the room and took a shower. I didn't wash my hair, due to the fact it was just dyed. When I got out of the shower Sebastian had returned. I could tell he was nervous and scared. And, I knew why. He was scared for my life. 


"Sebastian we can wait," I assured him as I got dressed.

"I promised you, and I can't break a promise." 

I didn't know what to say.

"Just know I love you no matter what," he smiled a little. 

"I know and I love you too." 


There was an awkward silence, I just continued to get dressed. We didn't say anything to each other for awhile. He assured me he would be back and he took off again. Ignoring it, I just went to living room and decided to watch some television. 


Sebastian's POV 


When I got to the guys' house they could tell I was nervous. Honestly, I was very scared. If I lost Miranda, it wouldn't end well for me too. Beth came out and talked to me, she was the only female in our group as of right now. She was sweet, but she knew how I felt, more than the guys did. 


"It will be okay," she put her hand on my back. 

"No It won't," I looked down. 

"Why not?" She had a confused look on her face. 

"I keep having these visions," I started.

"Of Miranda?" She asked. 

I shook my head yes, "In every one of them It's of her dying." 

"Sebastian she will be fine."

That was the last thing I heard, before I blacked out. 


Miranda's POV 


I was still watching television when I heard a really loud knock on the door. Actually it was like 6 quick knocks. Quickly I got up and opened the door quickly. It was the vampire girl that lived in the house in the woods. She looked very worried. I was sort of confused, I didn't even know she knew where I lived. 


"Miranda come with me now." She demanded. 

"What's going on?" I asked worried.

"Sebastian," that was all she said, and she grabbed my arm and dragged me out. 


I ran as fast as I could but I couldn't keep up with her, I couldn't breath either. When we finally got to the house I found Sebastian laying on the floor. I ran over to him, he seemed to of blacked out, I was worried he was dying. 


"Baby please," I cried holding his hand. We heard a groan and he opened his eyes. 

"Sebastian, what happened?" I asked him. 

"To many visions, I got over stressed and passed out." 

"So you weren't dying?" I was worried. 

"No," he laughed a little. 

"You worried all of us," the girl said. 

"Beth, I'm fine." 

"Good," she responded. 


Sebastian got up, and he hugged me tight. I smiled a little, and I felt his hand run up and down my back. He looked at me in the eyes, and explained his visions. I was worried if I would die or not. It was worth a shot though. Either way, I'm being hunted because of my mother. He kissed me and pulled me close. I felt his hand move my hair. Honestly, I got a little nervous. Then I felt him bite down on my neck. It hurt, and it was a sharp pain. My body went weak, and I felt him catch me, then I blacked out.

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