Vampire Love

Miranda is a 19 year old drop out. She is very rebellious, and her parents kicked her out. Not caring, she gets into drugs and sex. One day she meets a guy named Sebastian. She really likes him, and thinks him being a vampire is hot. Will he change her, or just leave her human? Will he love her, or leave her because of her ways?


15. Chapter 15


Miranda's POV


We decided to walk home, not saying anything to each other yet. I still felt angry, and hurt. He put his arm around me and we continued to walk. I realized I needed to start over. It was time to quit smoking, cut back on drinking, and change my look. My hair is just below my shoulders, and it's a dark brown almost black color. My eyes are blue, and they are the only thing I like on me. When we got back into the house, Sebastian began to talk to me. 


"Miranda, you really need to understand I'm trying to protect you." 

"From what! Damn it Sebastian, I'm tired of this." 

He sighed and looked down, I knew he was hiding something.

"Sebastian, tell me already!" I yelled.

"Miranda I've been having these visions." 

"Of what?" I asked. 

"Well, of your body rejecting it. If your body fully rejects it, you die. If it starts to reject it, but gets over it, it will just be very painful for you. It's going to do nothing but either hurt you, or kill you." 

"There's only one way to find out," I smiled. 

"I can't risk it, I'm sorry Miranda." 

"Then I'm leaving." 

"Please don't," he lightly grabbed my arm. "Please just listen to me. If you die, I will die too. It's a scary decision. You're the first one I've ever loved, and I don't want to lose you when I just got you." 

"But you have been alive for hundreds of years. You haven't missed out on anything." 

"Oh but I have," he looked at me, "the answer is still no until I know it will be safe for you." 


There was silence for a while, then I told him I wanted to change up my look. He agreed and handed me a credit card. I decided to completely re-do my wardrobe, got new make up, shoes, and got my hair colored. I decided to do a small section of the bottom black, and the top purple, here is what it looks like.



I like it a lot more than my brownish colored hair. My hair previously was very boring looking. After the lady was done fixing it, I paid her and left. I had Sebastian's car, and a bunch of bags. When I got home I didn't bother to take the bags in yet, I wanted to see his reaction to my hair. I opened the door and Sebastian looked at me. I didn't say anything but I was afraid he wouldn't like it. Without saying anything to me, he walked over to me and hugged me. Still, he remained silent, I didn't know what to think. Did he like it or hate it? 


"It looks beautiful," he smiled.

"Thanks," I smiled back. "Sebastian you need to quit worrying about me, please." 

"I can't."

"You can. I am changing my life around for you, you can at least do this one thing for me." 

"What thing?" 

"Bite me."


He avoided it for a minute, then went to the car and helped me with all of my bags. I got rid of all my old clothes and replaced it with the new ones. There was only a few things I kept, due to memory purposes. 


"I will do it." He said, breaking the silence.

"Do what?" I was confused.

"Bite you." 

"When?" I asked.

"How about tomorrow?" 


"I promise." 


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