Vampire Love

Miranda is a 19 year old drop out. She is very rebellious, and her parents kicked her out. Not caring, she gets into drugs and sex. One day she meets a guy named Sebastian. She really likes him, and thinks him being a vampire is hot. Will he change her, or just leave her human? Will he love her, or leave her because of her ways?


10. Chapter 10


Sebastian's POV


When I woke up I noticed Miranda was still awake. Had she stayed up all night? She looked horrible, and looked very tired. I needed to let her rest.


"Good morning, have you been up all night?" I asked.

"Yes," She said tiredly.

"Go to sleep," I kissed her forehead.

"I can't." 

"I will be okay, please get your sleep." 



She rolled over and went to sleep. When she was finally asleep, I got up and went downstairs. Her father was sitting at the table eating. Miranda had no idea he had lied. He had killed, he killed my brother. How could I let him stay here? Damn, why does my love have to be so damn strong for her? But, if he killed me, he killed her too. Not because we are mated, that won't bother her until I bite her, but she would probably die of depression. 


"Why did you lie to her?" I asked him. 

"I didn't kill your brother by choice."

"Not by choice? You liar!" I pushed him against the wall by the neck. 

"I didn't want to! I never wanted to hurt anyone. I just wanted to break the chain, break the curse. But they told me I had to, or they would kill Miranda. She was so little, so innocent. How could I let them kill her? Sebastian, I have nothing against you so stop worrying." 

"Do you know what Miranda did last night?"

"No, what?" 

"She stayed up all night, why? Because she was scared!" 


HIs expression changed. I could tell he really did care about Miranda but he didn't like vampires. None of his ancestors did. So why did Miranda? I explained to him how I had waited 150 year for Miranda. He didn't say anything back but I could tell he really wanted to kill me. I can't figure out the grudge he has on vampires. 


"So tell me how your family got the curse," I said. 

He looked at me, "well I don't know the full story but I know that my family told the town your ancestors were vampires. They were trying to get all of them killed. One of your ancestors put a curse on my family but I don't know how to break the curse." 

"Wait a second," I went and grabbed a small chest my great grandfather had given me before he was killed. 


When I opened it here was a paper folded in it. It was written in Latin, it read Caritas maledicens et invernerint vos solvere familiaris tibi resistere odium meaning "To break the curse you must resist and find true love within the family you hate." That meant Miranda could break the curse but only if she truly loved me. This also meant I would have to changer her earlier than I wanted, but not until she truly loves me. 

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