Vampire Love

Miranda is a 19 year old drop out. She is very rebellious, and her parents kicked her out. Not caring, she gets into drugs and sex. One day she meets a guy named Sebastian. She really likes him, and thinks him being a vampire is hot. Will he change her, or just leave her human? Will he love her, or leave her because of her ways?


1. Chapter 1


Miranda's POV


"Wake up!" My mom yells at me.

"I'm up!" I yell back. 

"Lazy piece of crap," she whispers under her breath.

"I heard that!" I yell at her. 

"Good,she said. 


I groaned and got out of bed. Today was my 19th birthday, I was shocked my mother hadn't kicked me out yet, but I knew she would today. When I walk into the kitchen dad was eating his breakfast and him and my mother were awkwardly sitting in silence. 


"Miranda we need to talk," my dad finally said.

"Yeah yeah yeah, I know. Miranda you need to straighten your life out. Quit partying, drinking, doing drugs, blah blah blah." I said annoyed. 

"Told you she isn't crap. She's nothing but a lost cause. For all I care, she can go live somewhere else," my mother said to my dad. 


Rolling my eyes I left the kitchen. I went into my room put all my clothes, jewelry, shoes, and make up into suit cases. I carried them out to my car, then I went into say goodbye to my father. After I said goodbye to my father, I told my mother where she could shove it, and I walked out. I had plenty of money saved up but I could go to a friends, or just stay in my car for right now. I decided to drive my car down to the park, and I would stay there. When I got there, I pulled out a cigarette and smoked it.


"You know that's bad for you," a guy said. I looked up and he was very handsome. 

"Who cares. My own family doesn't care about me, so whatever," I walked over to the car and pulled out some alcohol I had hidden and took a big drink of it. 

"Smoking and drinking must be rebellious," he smiled, I noticed his K9's were a little sharper than normal. 

"Yeah I am. Got a problem with it?" I almost yelled. 

"Nope," he smiled. "So how old are you?" he asks. 

"Just turned 19 today," I smile. 

"Cool, I'm Sebastian." 

"Miranda," I smiled. There was something about him that made him very attractive, and very hot.

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