There is a great portion of mockingjay that we don't see Peeta until he comes back in like the middle of the book I wondered what he was going through when he in the capital after the games from catching fire ended.


1. The Wire.

I watch as Katniss and Johanna leave with the wire making my heart tighten the further away katniss gets away from me. My hand goes to my lips still feeling her kiss, it felt real for a moment as though we are still on the beach talking about separating from the group.

"Peeta we need help over here" Finnick calls I turn away from the direction in which the girls went facing Finnick setting down his trident to go help beetle with the tree. I follow tired but trying not to show it.

All of a sudden I hear a snap. Finnick looks up from the lightening tree. I hear the russel of trees. Someone is coming this way. A huge man come out from the trees. Chaff

"I think I lost him" he breaths sweaty and tired. "I-" he sentence is cut short by a knife to the back. A cannon goes off. And a smile from Brutus.

And the madness begins.

Enobaria jumps out from the jungle, her pointed teeth baring in blood thirsty rage. I push Beetee out of Enobaria's way, bringing him to the ground. I rise up facing Enobaria seeing her run toward me with knives in her hand. Finnick pushes her down locking her in a headlock. I kneel back down to Beetee, checking if he's alright until, Brutus makes his surprise appearance. He tries to swing at me but misses, I bring my fist to his nose, he screams in pain. By the sudden flow of blood I know I have broken it, giving me enough time to reach for Finnicks trident. Brutus catches me by the hair throwing me to the ground hard enough my vision goes fuzzy. He pins my arms with his knees. His weight is too much for to me knock him over.

"You're not going anywhere lover boy'' he spits the blood from his nose to my face. His hands wrap around my neck slowly chocking me.

"Neither are you!" Finicky screams coming behind clawing at his eyes blinding him.

I get one of my arms go free punching and kneeing him as hard as I can, he falls over.

"PEETA MY TRIDENT!" Finnick yells as running after Brutus who has regained his sight. I look over at Beetee who remains unconscious next to the trident. I run after it as well. Brutus hot on my trail until Finnick knocks his knees out making him fall over.

I finally reach the trident taking it in my hands.

"PEETA!" Finnick call out to me. I turn quickly. Brutus runs right into the tridents sharp edges. I shake in shock. I watch as the life leaves his eyes, I have impaled him through the heart. A cannon goes off. I yank the trident out of Brutus, and drop the weapon as if it were poison.

I look over to Finnick who Is trying to catch his breath next to me. My eyes widen, Enobaria.

"Don't worry she ran off" Finnick breathes. I try to catch my breath as well looking over to Brutus body. Feeling the guilt spread through me. So this is what it feel like to kill someone... I don't like it at all. But this is a game it was bound to happen sooner or later. I shake a little from the guilt. Why should I be feeling guilty for this man. I shake my head.

"PEETA!" I don't need to question that voice. Katniss, Finnick nods

"go, I'll find Johanna"

"What about Beetee?" I ask looking over at his limp body.

"He's Fine just unconscious now go." 

I don't hesitate running back into the jungle. I run following the broken wire.

"KATNISS!" I yell back my lungs burning from the heat.

I try  to go through the leafs and thick branches standing in my way blinding me from my Katniss.

"KATNISS!" please lord please, don't let this be the end. Let me say goodbye.

"PEETA!" I hear but she sounds even farther away. I try to turn back but lose the path of the broken wire. I circle around in panic trying to find anything remotely familiar.

"PEETA I'M HERE! PEETA" her voice seems to be coming from north she must be heading back to the tree. I reach the beach looking for the tree. I go back into the jungle knowing where I am.

Why didn't we separate when we had the chance? Then we wouldn't be in this mess of finding each other.

"KATNISS!" I yell feeling that she is close, but get no answer. I trip what I thought was a branch, but I hear a moan of pain.

"Johanna!" I crawl back to here. Checking if she's okay. She's uncurious blood runs from her forehead as though someone hit her. She will live. I lift Johanna off the ground carrying her heading back to the tree. I need to get to Katniss . I think of her warm smile, the way her face has a softness when she sleeps, the kiss in the cave, the roof, and the kiss on the beach. Every special moment runs through my head. I love her, I can't lose her, I promised always, and I will keep that promise.

God Johanna is heavy, I fall over from exhaustion, sending us falling to the ground. I take a moment and try to carry Johanna once more. I look up at the fake arena sky seeing what looks like an arrow. Wait... it is an arrow.

"Katniss" i whisper the first thing that comes to mind. The arrow hits the dome sending an exploitation off knocking me back, hitting my head against branch, I black out.






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