There is a great portion of mockingjay that we don't see Peeta until he comes back in like the middle of the book I wondered what he was going through when he in the capital after the games from catching fire ended.


2. The War.

I remember when i was fourteen, i used to love drawing outside my house because of the dandelions that grew outside my porch, it calmed me down after my mother and father would have one of their fights and of course it reminded me of her. I loved it even more because i had a reason to see Katniss everyday that year. she would come by the house trading in her squirrels with Gale to my father when mother was out. I thought they were cousins, but turns out they are just very good friends, which made me grow jealous of him of course. She never noticed me drawing outside, which didn't surprise me at all, she was very focused on her trading and hunting.


I wake up to a white ceiling from blood retching scream. I try to sit up but, something seems to be stopping me. my wrists and legs are strapped to a bed , I see I'm still in my uniform from the games, all bloody from Brutus, I shiver. Am i in a hospital room? nothing seems to be looking familiar to me. I hear another scream my chest tightens. i look around trying to find the source. Another scream, it seems to be coming from the next room. I try with all my strength to break free from the straps but its no use. to my right there's an open window over looking a body of water. to my left there's a mirror i look away quick. scared of what i might see. where am i? did i win the games? is everyone dead? my heart sinks thinking of Katniss in a wooden box back in 12. i shake the thought out of my head. i close my eyes hearing the screams go on and on to the point where it doesn't even sound like a scream.

"Peeta Mellark" I jump opening my eyes feeling a sharp pain go through my body. 

two peace keepers with helmets hiding their faces, walks up to me one with a tray of soup and the other holding some clothes in his hands. one of the peace keepers takes a remote from the side of my bed making my bed push up in a sitting potion.

they both unstrap my wrist but not my legs, the taller peacekeeper sets the tray on my lap.

"You have an hour" A male voice says shocking me of how young he sounds. they both walk out locking the door behind them. looking down at the bowl i noticed how hungry i am. i dig in. after i finish i undo the straps to my legs. and dress in the clothes left for me on the chair. i sit back on the bed and wait. it feels like hours goes by but once i look up at the clock its only been 10 minutes.

the door unlocks. I stand up from my bed.

"Peeta!" Portia dressed in clothing that i never seen before. Her looks are still capital but her clothes look like a prisoners. she walks in the room with my prep team from the games. they all hug me which surprises me since i thought i would never see them again.

"Whats going on?" i ask confused, Portia's smile wipes away into a face of sadness.


"what about Katniss" i almost run into her once she said Katniss name.

Portia sighs looking down at her hands. Talking in load enough that i could only hear.

"Katniss blew up the force field during the games, all of Panem's broadcasting went dark, once President snow saw this he ordered a capture on the tributes. Johanna, eniborna, and you were taken by the capital everyone was knocked out from electrical shock from the force field."

makes sense that i blacked out after i saw the arrow hit the force field. My eyes widen.

"Where is Katniss?" there's silence. don't say it please.

"We don't know Peeta, only that she disappeared" she pauses looking around the room.

"Peeta you can't say anything to anyone, if they find out you know anything okay?" she whispers 

"but, i don't know anything!" i whisper back harshly.

"you'll do just fine on your interview!" Portia's tone goes back to normal, once she sees the two peace keepers at the door.

"Interview?" again i'm confused.

"President Snow would like to speak to Peeta" the tall peacekeeper from earlier stands at the door way. singling that my prep team to leave. Portia gives me a soft sqeeze of the hand and leaves the room with my prep team without a word. President Snow... wants to speak? i pace my room wondering what he will say, will he threaten my family?, Katniss?

the door opens once again with four peacekeepers surrounding the president. he looks weak and snake like, wearing a grey suit with a white rose right over his heart. the scent of the flower is so strong i can smell it from across the room.

"Hello Peeta" his tone is not friendly or mutual.

"let's sit shall we?" two peacekeepers stand near the door, while the other two pulls out chairs. setting them in the center of the room. The President sits down first, and i follow sitting across from him. The smell of the rose growing stronger making me light headed.

"like I once said to your lover, let's not lie to each other"

I don't answer I just stare at him with pure hate, This man in front of me is the reason why I had to go back to the games, he is the reason why I don't know where Katniss is.

"You see Mr.Mellark, Ms. Everdeen has started something I did not want to happen, now I warned her back at 12 about this and you both seemed to not get the message" he pauses coughing into his white napkin. "Do know what is going on now Mr.Mellark?"

"obliviously not" I say not expecting that answer escaping my own lips.

 The President gives me a stern look. "Now what did I say about lying"

"But i'm not"  I look down at my hands. "I don't know anything"

I feel The President rise from his seat. pacing around the room.

"Well Mr.Mellark, i have come by for a deal"

i look up seeing the President is standing near a corner. "A Deal?"

"You must do exactly as i tell you or i will kill Ms. Everdeen." he says with a smile.

i feel my body tighten, he's bluffing i think but then i think of the old man who got shot in the head during the victory tour.

"I don't even know if she is alive-"

"oh but she is." The President pulls out what looks like a pen, he gives it a click aiming it at a blank wall showing a projection of Katniss...she's walking around in some type of ruins, her hair in her trade mark braid, she looks sad? is because of me? i go breathless, thank god she's alright. if only I could embrace her now, kiss her smooth lips before I die.

with another click the projection is gone.

"So as i said before, do as i say and she will stay alive."

"Why not kill me?" 

He laughs a bombing laugh his features even more damaged then before.

"Ms.Everdeen asked the same question" i watch him walk tower the door the peace keepers following him. "I don't see why she has grown to care for you." he pauses

"To answer your question, the reason is why i wont kill you, is because i know Ms.Everdeen cares for you and that it will kill her little by little not being able to get to you."

the door shuts behind him leaving me with my thoughts.


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