The Payne family... Sequel to my little family..

Hey it's the Payne family again... Leah is 27, Liam is 28, Noah is 8, Aubrey is 5, and the twins Braylee and Mckenzie are 3. Noah is in grade 2, Aubrey is in kindergarten, and Braylee and Mckenzie are at home with me. Liam still tours but not as often. Leah and Liam are enjoying their life as parents, raising four kids is tough but we wouldn't change it for the world ( Liam tells press). ha ha read and their will be surprises.


7. surprises/and doctors

Noah and the twins birthday are in two weeks, Aubrey caught the flu a week ago but recovered and now Braylee has it.  Aubrey had antibiotics but Braylee just got it so we have to take her to the doctors today while Liam watches Mckenzie. Noah is at school and Aubrey of course is too.

Liam I'm taking Braylee to the doctors at 12 so we need to leave in forty minutes. Okay babe he said pecking my lips. Bray was lying in her bed with a fever and a cold cloth on her forehead. I walked into her room and sat her up. Baby girl we need to go to the doctors okay/ Yea mummy she groaned. I picked her up and she was still in her pajamas. I sat her on the bathroom counter and put her hair in a pony tail. I wiped her face and then gave her , her blanky. I grabbed the extra stroller that was for when we had one child and I placed it in the back seat. I picked braylee up and put her in her car seat then drove to the doctors. After waiting 20 minutes to find out what was wrong with her. The doctor said she had a nasty flu and  he gave us antibiotics and food that she should be able to keep down. I thanked the doctor and then put her back in her stroller. We got to the car then drove home. I picked her up and brought her inside then gave her medicine. She fell asleep in my arms then I placed her in her bed and left her sleep. I walked back out to where Mckenzie was and I sat down next to her. Hey babes whats up? Nothing mummy she said sadly. Whats wrong sweet pea? Braylee is sick so I'm bored and I have nothing to do, when you came home daddy left... Where did he go? he said "out with uncle Zayn". I huffed great he won't be home until after midnight.. Why mummy? Because he's going to be spending the night at Uncle Zayn's. Hun mums going to go take a break in the back yard call me if there's anything wrong or if Bray wakes okay? kk mum.... I walked the the back porch closing the door and grabbing my phone. I sat on the porch swing and dialed Liam's number. Hello? he slurred, Hello Liam, so your with Zayn aye? um yea... okay well you have fun and your not coming home tonight , your spending the night somewhere else. Baby who's on the phone? Um I got to go Liam said nervously... Liam Payne are you with another girl?!?! Maybe... Your cheating on me.. you bastard, stay the fuck out of my house and don't come back until you learn from right to wrong! I fucking hate you Liam Payne Go fuck yourself! I hung up and sank into the swing. Tears rolled down my face and I breathed heavily. I wiped my tears away and stood up entering the house. I texted Louis one of his band mates but also my best friend. 

m=me l=louis

m=Hey can you come over please?

l=Yea why? what's wrong?

m=Liam cheated on me. I caught it when I called him.

L=Yea I'll be right over!

m=Thanks :)

l=No problem girly..

Twenty minutes later Mckenzie was down for a nap and Louis had just came over.  He ran over to me and gave me a hug, I cried into his arms and we sat on the couch. He stroked my head, it's going to be alright....


All the kids are home and dinner is done and cleaned up. I made chicken cassarole, Lou stayed for supper and he's spending the night,  Braylee had soup but threw it up and is now sleeping in her bed. Aubrey is bathed and in bed sleeping. Mckenzie is bathed and sleeping, and Noah is in bed sleeping after a long hot shower.  I can sleep in the guest room if you'd like.. Louis said. No you can crash with me. Okay he said crawling into my bed. I changed into my night gown and crawled in next to him. i closed my eyes and fell asleep....

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