The Payne family... Sequel to my little family..

Hey it's the Payne family again... Leah is 27, Liam is 28, Noah is 8, Aubrey is 5, and the twins Braylee and Mckenzie are 3. Noah is in grade 2, Aubrey is in kindergarten, and Braylee and Mckenzie are at home with me. Liam still tours but not as often. Leah and Liam are enjoying their life as parents, raising four kids is tough but we wouldn't change it for the world ( Liam tells press). ha ha read and their will be surprises.


5. January 1st, 2017

January 1st ,2017

Yesterday was New Years eve. Liam, the kids , and I just had a little family spending time by having appetizers and watching movies. The twins fell asleep at 10, Aubrey fell asleep at 11, and Noah, Liam , and I went to bed at 12. This afternoon Liam has a meeting, so the kids and I are going to go grocery shopping , and clothes shopping because the kids all need some new clothes and shoes. Plus school doesn't start back up until January 6th. It's already 11:30 the kids are dressed and fed we are all in the car and on our way to the mall. After a few hours of shopping the kids had all their clothes and shoes...

Aubrey's clothes

Noah's clothes

Mckenzie's clothes

Braylee's clothes

After we loaded the clothes to the car and everyone was in their seats we drove to the super market. I took the kids out of the car and then we got a trolly that had seats for all the kids. I buckled all four of them in and then we went and got :


oatmeal snack cakes

orange cranberry muffins

zucchini muffins

Carrots with Peanut Dipping Sauce




peanut butter

whole wheat bread


all natural ham



1% milk


earl grey tea



apple juice


rice crispy's

honey bunches of oat

and cheerios.

After paying and loading everything and everyone into the car it was already 4 pm. The kids were hungry so we headed home so I could make dinner. We pulled into the driveway and I got the kids out and in the house. I brought everything in and then put it all away. What do you want for dinner guys? Spaghetti! They all yelled, I laughed ok give me twenty minutes so I can make it. They nodded their heads and went to go play, I grabbed a large pot and a frying pan then pulled out some hamburger. I heated the pan up then fried the hamburger in it. I grabbed the big pot and filled it with water and oil then boiled it. i grabbed garlic bread and put it in the oven. Once it was boiling I put spaghetti noodles in the water and let it boil. I chopped up vegetables and put it in the hamburger. I grabbed some tomato sauce and put it in the hamburger and stirred it until it was heated.  I turned the stove off and then drained the water. I put the noodles in a bowl and then the sauce in a separate bowl. I grabbed the garlic bread and turned the oven off then placed it on the table. I grabbed the twins and washed their hands putting them in their high chairs. Noah! Dinner go wash your hands, Aubrey go wash your hands Dinner!. They washed their hands then they sat down. Where's dad? Work he won't be home until after bedtime. Ok. Aubrey said. I gave them their plates and then we all sat down and ate. After dinner I cleaned the dishes up then it was bath-time for kids. The twins were to go first because they have to go to bed first. Braylee, Mckenzie bath time! coming mummy, I picked them up then brought them to the bathroom. Their pajama's were on the bathroom counter along with two fluffy towels. The bath was already for them, I took their clothes off then placed them into the bath. After 20 minutes of play time and washing their hair they were ready to come out. I grabbed their towels then dried them. I put their pajamas and underwear on then I brushed their hair and teeth. Braylee and Mckenzie use your potties then its story and bed time. Okay mum they said then did as I told. After they used their potties I took the twins to McKenzie's room and then read them Cinderella. I tucked Kenz in then I brought Bray to her room and tucked her in. I turned the lights off then walked to the living room where Aubrey was. It's bath time hun, okay. Okay mum she said taking my hand. After her bath we changed into her underwear and Pajama's then I brushed her hair and then she used the toilet. I brought her to bed then read her, her favorite story ( snow white ) then tucked her in. I grabbed Noah and said bath time but he wanted a shower. I told him okay so he took one then he brushed his teeth and Hair. used the bathroom then I tucked him in. It was 10 pm now and I was tired so I took a quick shower and changed into pajama's then put my hair in  a messy bun.  I brushed my teeth then went into the kitchen cleaning up a bit then turning the lights off. Right before I was about to go to bed , Liam came in drunk. Liam where were you? I was at the bar with the lads. So you come home drunk use your head please! I whispered yelled. fine he mumbled I'm going to go crash at Niall's.. he mumbled then walked out. I huffed then went to bed...




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