The Payne family... Sequel to my little family..

Hey it's the Payne family again... Leah is 27, Liam is 28, Noah is 8, Aubrey is 5, and the twins Braylee and Mckenzie are 3. Noah is in grade 2, Aubrey is in kindergarten, and Braylee and Mckenzie are at home with me. Liam still tours but not as often. Leah and Liam are enjoying their life as parents, raising four kids is tough but we wouldn't change it for the world ( Liam tells press). ha ha read and their will be surprises.


4. Christmas Morning

Mummy, Aubrey whispered, mmhmm I mumbled. Santa came so it's time to get up, she said. What time is it baby? 5:45 am, Ok munchkin let's go wake your siblings up. I nudged Liam then crawled out of bed, I took Aubrey's hand and woke the kids up. Come on Munchkins let's open presents. The kids sat on the two couches, Liam , Noah , and Kenzie on the left couch then Braylee , Aubrey , and me sitting on the right couch. I grabbed the stockings and gave each the kids and Liam their own. I sat next to Braylee and Aubrey and everyone opened them. All the kids got a new toothbrush , new tooth paste, socks , underwear , bubble bath, socks, bubbles , a chocolate bar , and a can of sparkling juice. Liam and I got the same thing except the bubble bath. Ok who wants to open a present from under the tree now?! Liam asked excitedly. Meeee the kids screamed. Ok well we'll hand you one then when we count to three you open it okay? Yea, we handed a gift to the kids and counted to 3. The kids opened it and they all were excited, Noah got an ultra stomp rocket, Aubrey got a pretend and play school set, Braylee got girls rock ruffle tote, Mckenzie got a peaceful earth ruffle tote. Liam got a MVMT watch and I got a Michael Kors Watch. We handed out the second present ( every one gets 5 lol) then counted to three and the kids were even more happy. Noah got snap circuits, Aubrey got a fairy triad dome terrarium, Braylee got a groovy girl named Isadora, Mckenzie got a groovy girl named Katrina, Liam got a pair of ray band sunglasses and I got a jewelry tree. By the end we Noah got a boogie board ltd writing tablet, squigs, and a deluxe magic kit. Aubrey got a sturdy birdy game, Fairy princess cookie kit, and a pink tutu, Braylee got a xoomy girl, a groovy girls hipp happenin house, and a groovy girl boomtastic bedding set. Mckenzie got a princess apron and hat, a groovy snazzy sleeper, and a girl hero cape, Liam got water speakers, a nikon 1v3, and a pair of converse debuts. I got sun pocket sun glasses , comm des garcons wallet, and aiaiai headphones. After cleaning up all the wrapping paper, the kids played with their new toys while I made breakfast and Liam set the table and turned the Christmas music on...


After 1 hour 35 minutes of cooking I made crepes, homemade whipped cream , sweet strawberries , homemade o.j , and blueberries. I grabbed the plates and put the right amount of serving for each of us on the plates. I set them on the table then got the kids ready to eat. We sat down at the table and ate as a family. 

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