The Payne family... Sequel to my little family..

Hey it's the Payne family again... Leah is 27, Liam is 28, Noah is 8, Aubrey is 5, and the twins Braylee and Mckenzie are 3. Noah is in grade 2, Aubrey is in kindergarten, and Braylee and Mckenzie are at home with me. Liam still tours but not as often. Leah and Liam are enjoying their life as parents, raising four kids is tough but we wouldn't change it for the world ( Liam tells press). ha ha read and their will be surprises.


3. Christmas Eve.

It is Christmas Eve. tonight we have tons of traditions to do, the girls and I are going to make Christmas goods while Noah and Liam go and build a fire in the fire place and hang the stockings.

'Aubrey hun go wash your hands we're gonna make cookies. Ok mum i'll help Bray and Kenz wash their hands too! Come on Bray and Kenzie. Thanks Aubby, I walked to the sink and washed my hands. I put my apron on and then grabbed all the ingredients. The girls grabbed their aprons with Aubby's help and we all got to work. After an hour of baking we made 6 batches of chocolate chip cookies and 2 batches of sugar cookies, Aubrey can you go help Braylee and Mckenzie clean up? Yes mum I can. She took their hands and walked them to the bathroom. I took my apron off and then cleaned the kitchen up. As usual the kids have a bath then we get our pajamas on and drive around to go look at all the Christmas lights. Aubrey and Noah go with daddy and take a bath please. ok mum, one of our bathrooms had a door connected to another bathroom so it was easier to bath Noah and Aubrey in two different tubs. I grabbed the twins and took them to another bathroom, i turned the water on so the tub would fill and then put their pink sparkly bubble bath in it.  I grabbed Braylee's hand and then took her clothes off placing her in the bath. I did the same with Mckenzie and then they had their bath. I brought them to Mckenzies room and changed them into their new pajama's.

Mckenzies ^

braylees ^

After they were in their Pajamas I brought them downstairs where Noah and Aubs were in their pajamas.

Aubrey's pajamas

Noah's Pajamas.

Liam do we wanna leave now or in a little bit? Now, okay come on kids let's get in the car.  okay Aubrey and Noah said walking to the garage. Come on Kenz and Bray, ok they said sleepily, can you carry us mummy? Braylee asked.. Yea can you mummy Mckenzie joined in. I guess so munchkins come on, I picked them up and brought them to the car placing them into their car seats. Liam buckled Aubrey in and then i got it the passenger seat. Everyone have their seat belts on?  Yup we do..  okay let's go. We pulled out of the drive way and then drove around looking at the lights. By the time we got back from looking at the lights all the kids were asleep but Braylee. I took Braylee's hand and brought her inside placing her on the couch. Liam grabbed Aubrey, Mckenzie, and Noah and placed them in their beds. Well miss Braylee do you wanna put cookies , carrots , and milk out for Santa. Yah!! I took her hand and we placed them all on the plate and poured a glass of milk. She carried the plate and I carried the milk and we set it on the living room table. Well Missy it's about time you go to bed, ok she said sadly. Hey don't be sad, the sooner you go to bed the sooner Santa will come! Ok!! I picked her up and carried her to bed. I pulled the blanket over her and then turned on her music. I turned the lights off leaving the door open a crack. I walked to the living room and sat on Liam's lap, I pecked his lips. Shall we get the presents under the tree? Then go to bed since we know we will be up early. Ok I said, we walked to the bedroom and took the gifts from under the bed.  We did our thing placing them under the tree and in the stockings, Liam ate the cookies n drunk the milk then we headed off to bed....

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