The Payne family... Sequel to my little family..

Hey it's the Payne family again... Leah is 27, Liam is 28, Noah is 8, Aubrey is 5, and the twins Braylee and Mckenzie are 3. Noah is in grade 2, Aubrey is in kindergarten, and Braylee and Mckenzie are at home with me. Liam still tours but not as often. Leah and Liam are enjoying their life as parents, raising four kids is tough but we wouldn't change it for the world ( Liam tells press). ha ha read and their will be surprises.


6. Back to School!

Noah bud go brush your teeth when your finished your toast, for lunch I made you  Chicken Soft Tacos, Ham Rollers, apple juice , and a sugar cookie. Aubrey I made you cheese and crackers , orange juice , a chocolate chip cookie , and ham rollers. The bus will be here in ten minutes so grab your bags. Okay mum Noah groaned, the bus picks them up at 8:30 and they have to be dressed in their uniforms and ready to go by 8:20. After I got the kids out the door, I cleaned up then started making breakfast for the twins. Mckenzie was still sleeping and Braylee had just woken up. What would you like for breakfast sweet pea? a smoothie and banana muffin. Okay i'll make that right away. I grabbed my blender then made three mixed berry smoothies and three banana nut muffins. I put Braylee in her highchair and placed the chair next to the t.v. Braylee im going to go wake up Kenzie. I walked to her bedroom and slowly woke her up. I picked her up then sat her in her chair and gave her breakfast. i sat on the couch and ate mine too. After breakfast and cleaning up I gave the twins a quick bath then changed them into their new swimsuits. We were going swimming at an indoor pool. 

Mckenzies swimsuit ^^


Braylee's Swimsuit^^

I put their jackets on then got them in the car, I drove to the pool then we put our stuff in a locker and then had fun in the shallow end of the pool. After swimming for a few hours we dried off and went to the school to pick the kids up.......


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