Story of our lives

About three 18 year olds who go on a trip to London, England but never make it there cause they all end up fall head over heels for three guys who will they be? Louis, Niall, Zayn, Liam or Harry? Read to find out this amazing drama, romantic, comedy.


5. YES!!!

                                   ~ 2 months later ~

                                Madi's P.O.V

    Harry took me for a walk in the park saying he had a HUGE suprise for me. When we got there I saw Taylor standing next to Louis holding a camera.

   " What's going on?" I asked Harry.

    I look back at Harry and see him down on one knee holding out a ring.

   " Oh, Harry I don't know what to say?" I said covering my mouth.

   " Say yes!" Taylor said behind the camera.

   " So....?" Harry asked.

   " Yes" I said kissing him as he picked me up spinning me around in circles.

                        My P.O.V

   " Awe isn't that cute" I asked Louis still filming.

   " Well I'm glad you think it's so cute" Louis said behind me.

   " Huh? I said smiling.

    I looked back at Louis who also had a ring smirking at me.

   " Oh my god...." I said covering my mouth tears rolling down my face.

   " What?" he asked.

   " Never mind " I said reaching my hands up around his neck kissing him.

    He placed the ring on the finger. I began to cry a little more. I ran over to Madi and we examined eachothers rings. Harry, Louis, Madi and I all went out to dinner and then a movie to celebrate. Could life really get any better than this I thought?


 ~ Hey guys sorry for the sort chapter but I hope y'all like it so far! This has got to be my favorite movella I've wrote yet, so please comment below in no haters thanks :D

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