Story of our lives

About three 18 year olds who go on a trip to London, England but never make it there cause they all end up fall head over heels for three guys who will they be? Louis, Niall, Zayn, Liam or Harry? Read to find out this amazing drama, romantic, comedy.


4. What ?

              ~   the next morning ~

    I woke up to the sound of Madi singing.

   " What in the hell are you going?" I asked throwing a pillow at her.

   " Ow, what ?" she asked.

   " Shut up" I said laughing.

   " No, he said he loves me!" she said smiling.

   " Well it's to bad because we're leaving in a week remember?" I said very annoyed.

    All of a sudden things got quiet again and I fell back asleep.

                                          Madi's P.O.V

    I had forgot about leaving. I didn't know how to tell Harry. I think I love him too? I might just stay here with him and marry him.

                                         My P.O.V


    As soon as I heard the word " Marry" I was up.

   " Who are you marrying?" I asked.

   " Harry" she said innocently.

    As soon as I was about to give a lecture there was a knock on the door. I got it I yelled running down the steps. I opened the front door and saw Louis.

   " Hey " I said smiling.

   " Hey, love" he said kissing me gently.

   " So, do you want to hang out today?" he asked.

   " Sure aunt Kim is at work and Madi's suppose to go with Harry, but let me go change you can step in" I said running back up the steps.

   When I came down he was waiting on patiently.

   " You all ready" he asked.

   " yupp " I said grabbing one of the house keys.

    We started walking down the driveway onto the sidewalk. He kept looking at me smiling.

   " Hey Louis" I said.

   " Ya love?" he replied.

   " We''re leaving" I said.

   " what " he said.

                                                               Louis' P.O.V

   " what do you mean you are leaving?" I asked.

   " We were only staying here for 3 weeks and we leave next week" she said about to cry.

   " Wow" I said.

   " Is that all you're going to say?" she asked.

   " Well what am I suppose to say, Taylor?" I yelled.

                                                               My P.O.V

   " Nothing" I said and started to run back up to my aunt's. I ran threw the door slamming it behind me.

   " What happen?" Madi asked.

   " I told Louis the truth" I said about to cry.

                                                                Louis' P.O.V

    What did I just do? The least I could of said was to stay here. I'm a huge dumb ass. I ran my finger threw my hair and started to run toward her aunt Kim's. I knocked on the door. Madi answered the door.

   " What " she snapped.

   " Is Taylor here?" I asked.

   " Yeah, but she probably don't want to see your face right now anyways" she said.

                                                            Harry's P.O.V

   When I got to Aunt Kim's I saw Madi yelling at Louis. " Oh, god Louis what did you do now?" I thought.

   " Hey you ready, love?" I asked Madi. She nodded and pushed Louis aside and left with me.

                                                            My P.O.V

    There was a knock on the door. I forced myself up and went to see who it was.

   " Yes?" I said.

   " Can you open the door, we need to talk please" Louis asked.

   I stood there for a second thinking and listing to him beg and finally I signed and opened the door.

   " I'm so sorry" we both said together.

   " Louis , I should've told you from the start." I said

   " No, love please don't be sad, I love you and will you please oh please stay..?" he asked grabbing my hand.

  " I Love You" ran through my head over and over again.

  " So, you really want me to stay?" I asked

   " Yes" he said kissing my head.

    I screamed inside............

                                        Madi's P.O.V

   " Harry , I'm suppose to be leaving next week, but..."

   " before you finish will you stay , I can't live without....."

   before I even let him finish I kissed him. So it was settled Taylor and I was staying with our boys and nothing could've been better or could it?

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