Story of our lives

About three 18 year olds who go on a trip to London, England but never make it there cause they all end up fall head over heels for three guys who will they be? Louis, Niall, Zayn, Liam or Harry? Read to find out this amazing drama, romantic, comedy.


6. Weddings?

    It was getting close to Madi's wedding and of course we still had a lot of planning to do. We have the cake and dresses then the bridal shower and then to top that off 2 months later Louis and I are getting married.

   " Madi, Louis' already talking about starting a family?" I said.

   " So is Harry" she replied.

   " But I don't really think I'm ready yet?" I said looking through dresses.

   " Well maybe not right now, but we are we're strong and we can raise a family, but maybe after the weddings?" she said.

   " True" I said laughing.

    After we finished dress shopping. I went home and meant Louis for lunch. We just talked about the wedding details and then we decided on if we were going to buy a house.

                                          Louis' P.O.V

   " So, Taylor how about we move in together? I asked.

   " What?" she asked.

   " Well we've been dating for almost 3 months now and I know that's not a long time?" I asked rubbing the back on my neck.

                                     My P.O.V

    I nearly died when Louis drove me to the house we were going to buy. It was so beautiful. After we were done he started asking about kids again. I just froze. What was I going to say or do?

   " hello?, did you hear my love?" he asked.

   " Yeah" I replied.

   " So did you want to have a boy or a girl when you got older?" he asked.

   " Oh, um I really never thought about it.. I guess" I replied.

   " Oh, well I wanted both" he said smiling.

   " Anyways would you like to come inside with me to help pack?" I asked.

   " Sure" he said pulling into her driveway.

    We got into the house and headed to my room to get my clothes packed when we walked in on Madi and Harry having sex, well almost.

   " Whoa!" I said.

   " Oh ok then?" Louis replied. They stopped and covered with the blanket.

   " First of all that better be your bed and second eww!" I said as I grabbed my duffle bag and suitcase.

   " I knew we should've took then with us!" Louis said.

    I just began to laugh. I threw my stuff into the back of his car. He called Zayn, Liam, Niall and Emily to move in and out.

    We got to Louis' house and packed all his clothes and dishes plus his bathroom supplies.We got it all moved in our new house. It looked awesome! I went in and started to unpack the last few boxes of dishes when Louis kissed me......

                                         Liam P.O.V

    I sat down in the living room with Zayn and started to play lego batman on the x-box. It was really fun!

                                      Madi's P.O.V

    I was laying down almost falling asleep on Harry's chest. I got up tossed my clothes back on because it was chilly, then I lay back in the warm bed beside him and drifted off to sleep. But eventually woke up and walked down stairs to call Tay.

                                      My P.O.V

   " Hello?" I answered.

   " Hey" Madi said the next morning.

   " Soo, how was your little sex adventure?" I asked her laughing.

   " He fell asleep afterwards" she said.

   " I bet, he was probably tired" I said.

   " Probably, but I now know the point in the song ' Rock Me'!" she said.

   " Nice" I said

   " So will I get pregnant?" she asked a little worried.

   " Idk I wasn't there" I said laughing.

   " Oh, ok " she said in agreement.

     We hung up.

    I woke up the next morning drunk with a hangover. I don't even remember what happen? I was hoping not a lot. Liam was hanging over the counter, and I had no idea where Louis was. I walked into the bathroom and just as I was about to sit down I saw a naked Louis with a shower curtain on his crouch, and a beer bottle in his hand?

   " What the hell?" I said.

    I just walked out and Emily was on our kitchen table and Zayn well Zayn was outside in his boxers on Louis' car? I tried to wake up Louis eventually I do.

   " What happen?" he asked.

   " You don't have any pants on babe" I said. He covered his junk and ran to the room. His ass jiggled the whole way. Then I realized it was Madi's wedding day. Shit!

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