Story of our lives

About three 18 year olds who go on a trip to London, England but never make it there cause they all end up fall head over heels for three guys who will they be? Louis, Niall, Zayn, Liam or Harry? Read to find out this amazing drama, romantic, comedy.


1. The Beginning


    It all started when some friends and I decided that we were going to get on a plane and fly to London. We had just graduated from high school so it was a huge step. That morning when Madi called me and said that she was out front. I rolled over and look at my clock that read 5: 34 a.m. I could have killed her, but I didn't I got up and called her back.

  " Hello" Madi answered.

  " Hey, come inside and help me? " I said as I dug through my dresser.

  " W-why" she asked.

  " Just do it" I snap and hung up the phone tossing it on my bed.

  I quickly pulled out a suitcase out of my closet and placed it on the bed.

    I heard tapping on my door. " Come in" I yelled quickly. You could hear Skynard barking down stairs. I opened the door calling for him. He ran quickly up the stairs and onto my bed. He sat there and watched me and Madi pack my suitcase.

   " Shouldn't you have had this done?" Madi asked.

   " Yeah, but I was up all night watching NCIS" I said.

   " Oh, yeah cause that's any excuse." she said laughing.

    I laughed and zipped my suitcase up. We quickly ran down the stairs and out the door. We got out front and I put my bags in the back of Madi's car. I slept the whole way there. When we arrived at the airport it was 8:15 We had to catch our flight at 8:30, so by the time we got our stuff checked in and found out where our plane was we had made it just in time. It took 3 hours and 25 minutes. We were suppose to stay for 3 weeks as a gift from our parents. I got off the plane and waited for Madi to get off before I headed toward the front doors.

    As we began to walk to the front door I started to call a cab. As we got a lil closer to the doors Madi walked off in the wrong direction. Madi ended up running into some boy who had curly brown hair and a very hot smile.

                                                      Madi's P.O.V

    I was walking toward the doors not knowing where I was walking and hit a boy which made me fly right into his arms. I looked up at him as he smiled back down at me.

   " Oh, sorry love" he said in a british accent.

   " I- it's ok" I mange to say.

                                                      My P.O.V

    As I got closer to Madi I noticed she was in Harry Styles arms.  I walked and stood next to her. It took them about several minutes to realize I was standing there.

   "" I said.

   " Oh um..this is.........?" she said looking him in the eyes.

   He lend over and whispered in her ear.

    " Harry" he whispered.

   ".......Harry!" she finished.

   " Well it's nice to meet you Harry" I said.

   " and you to love" he said smiling.

    After our little run in with Harry he kind of stuck with us the rest of the day. He showed us the whole town of Bradford. After he showed us everything he took us back to his friends house. WE pulled up and saw four boys sitting out around a fire, it was pretty chilly. I got out and started following Harry and Madi toward the fire and the boys.

   " Boys this is Madi and Taylor and Girls these nice young lads are Niall, Liam, Zayn, and Louis." Harry said introducing everyone to each other.

    We sat down and all talked by the fire. It was getting cold, so I ran to the car and grabbed my hoodie out of my duffle bag. It was and grey and blue Old Navy sweat shirt. I walked back around the house and Niall was playing the guitar while Liam was singing, Harry was talking to Madi,and Zayn was drawling, but I didn't see the one they called Louis?

    I walked off toward the woods and found a good tree. I climb up into the tree and calle my mom to let her know we made it safely.

   " You mind if I join you?" a voice asked on the ground.

   I looked down to see Louis in a grey beanie , blue jeans, and a grey shirt with a maroon sweat shirt. " Um.. yeah sure?" I said moving over so he could climb up.

                                                    Harry's P.O.V

    I started talking to Madi. I was getting nervous. She was so pretty with her blonde hair and her pretty blue eyes. I couldn't help but smile.

   " So how old are you" I asked.

   " I'm 18" she said.

    I saw an opportunity to kiss her. As I started to lean in Taylor and Louis came walking up with Louis.

   " Hey hey" Louis said.

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