Story of our lives

About three 18 year olds who go on a trip to London, England but never make it there cause they all end up fall head over heels for three guys who will they be? Louis, Niall, Zayn, Liam or Harry? Read to find out this amazing drama, romantic, comedy.


2. Meeting them

                                       Louis' P.O.V

    After Taylor and I walked back up to the rest of the gang we saw Harry about to kiss Madi so I walked up to them and scared the shit out of Madi which was a bad idea.........

                                       Madi's P.O.V

    I could tell Harry was about to kiss me. I've been waiting for this since the x-factor. Louis came up and tried to scare me, which I'll admit it worked and I kind of punched him in the face by accident.

                    ***** End of P.O.V *****

   " Louis" I yelled as he fell to the ground.

   " Madi !?" I said looking at her then harry then back to Louis.

    I helped Louis up and sat him down on a lawn chair. I ran into the house and grabbed him a new shirt and a warm cloth. I went back outside gave him the wash cloth. After he wiped the blood off of his face he took off the bloody shirt.

   " HOLY SHIT!!, HOLY SHIT" I thought to myself over and over again.

   " Wow! " I said not meaning to speak out loud. He had a very very nice tan six pack.

   " What?" he asked smiling putting on the clean shirt.

   " Um.... um?" I said

   " Taylor!" a voice yelled from behind me.

   " Emily" I yelled back and ran to her.

  " What are you doing here?" I asked her.

   " I'm going to collage here and I heard y'all were in town plus I came to see my boyfriend" she said smiling.

    Liam comes up and kisses her on the head and walks off with her. I went back and took a seat and started to draw a batman vs superman symbols. Zayn sat next to me admiring my drawling.

   " You're good" he said.

   " Thanks" I replied smiling at him.

   " can I show you something?" he asked.

   " Sure" I replied following him into the house.

    Madi and Harry were swinging on the hammock. Harry's arm was wrapped around Madi as her head was on his shoulder. I was pretty sure they were hitting it off.

                                                     Louis' P.O.V

   I was looking around for Taylor, but I couldn't find her so I went inside and found Zayn showing her his picture wall

  "Umm, love you want to go for a walk?" I asked.

  " Love?" I thought ( Taylor )

    We started down the road and she looked so beautiful in the deem sunlight.

                                                  Harry's P.O.V

    Louis and Taylor started to walk down the street. I bet he was taking her to his famous and favorite kissing spot. Liam was kissing Emily and Zayn was drawling, Niall was playing his guitar. Madi was talking and as soon as she turned back toward me i gently pressed my lips to hers. She smelled like strawberries and vanilla. I kissed her for a long time untill a car honked the horn and scared the shit out of me. It was my mum. I walked Madi off to my mum so they could meet.

                                                My P.O.V

    I didn't know why or where Louis was taking me but as far as I cared it didn't really matter. It was silent for a while till he grabbed my hand and intertwined our fingers together. It turned out we walked around the block. We got back to Zayn's house and we all ended up walking over to the skateboard park a few blocks away to watch the fireworks.

    We all got pretty good spots, but Louis talked me into going on top of one of the skateboard ramps. The fireworks started Harry and Madi were sitting at the bottom holding hands. Before I knew it Louis grabbed my chin and gently kissed me once the finally started. It was magical, now I understood why Madi was so happy.

                                                 Louis' P.O.V

    I was happy, I finally kissed her it was awesome. I don't know if I should've let go, but for now I'll have to cause it's midnight and they're suppose to be at Taylor's aunts already.

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