Just kiss me

Twenty three year old Charity is struggling to fight through life now, with walkers munching on any kind of flesh they can possibly get their grotty hands on; but as they say, fight the dead and fear the living. There's no one you could fully trust, not without knowing who they really are.

What happens if she stumbles upon Nick? Will she slowly fall in love? Or hide herself away like she has for the past few years..



1. Trapped

I covered my ears with the palm of my hands; attempting to rid of the awful growls that occured outside, walkers aimessesly stumbled around and tried to catch live animals for their dinner.

"Bloody things." I muttered as a drop of sweat trickled down the side of my pale-skinned face. I hesitantly wiped it away with my trembling fingertips; afraid if I'd make a single sound. I slowly rose from my crouching position and peered through the shattered window, squinting so I could get a better look. More walkers seemed to be arriving every minute and some even began to stumble over to the little house I was hiding out in. My breath caught in my dry throat as I backed away quietly, lapping away at the dryness that began to cover my lips.

They dug their claws into the wooden door, attempting to rid of the barrier that was blocking me and them. They knew I was there; they could smell my scent. Wordlessly, I clutched onto my kitchen knife and drug my bottom lip between my clenched teeth, trying not to cry from the state I was getting myself into.


Their demonic snarls grew louder by the second as I frantically searched around; hoping I'd come across a back door. My eyes scanned my surrounding's; unaware that the monsters had crashed down the door, it landing with a loud thump as it connected with the tile flooring. My eyes widened in fear as I instantly sprinted up the creaky steps, constantly cursing under my unsteady breath as I leaped into the bathroom, making sure to barricade the door after me. The wooden floor screeched as they dragged their crippled feet along the rough flooring, I cringed at the dreadful moans that escaped their rotten flesh-eating mouths. The horrifying sound neared me as I could already smell the disgusting stench that covered the batty, grimy clothes they still had on their limp corpses, I immediatly searched the area I was currently in, hoping to find a big enough window I could fit through; nothing.

I gulped thickly, washing the remainder of spit that clutched onto my throat. My eyes became blurry as various speckled spots illuminated my vision causing me to fall flat on my butt, I needed water; and fast, otherwise I'd pass out and the walkers would easily get to me. 

Salty tears were already streaming down my splotchy cheeks and landed faintly into my dry mouth. My breathing got heavier as my lungs began to ache from the amount of times I exhaled. I knew what I had to do; there was no way to get out and these things were already at the door. 

I took a deep breath and glanced up momentarily before finding the courage to stand up upon my fraile legs. The scratches of their nails grew deeper into the cherry wood as I huffed, clenching my fists by my sides.

"This is it." I mumbled, bracing myself for the last few moments of my life, I briefly checked the bullets in my gun to see I luckily had one left. Enough to end all of this. I shakily raised the weapon to my sweaty head and pressed it to my temple, I held my quivering finger to the trigger and began to slowly push it in.

Before I could fully process what was going on, multiple gun shots blasted through the air instantly making me cover my ears as it was so nearby. I heard the squelching of brains and heavy footsteps leading up to the door I was behind, I stopped breathing; afraid that the stranger would get me. The doorknob twisted hurriedly but failed to open as the cabinet blocked it's path, I backed away; my back hitting the stone cold wall painfully.

I squeezed my eyes shut, blinking away the tears before I did so, my breathing became rapid; just like the door handle as the door partly opened. I held my breath, unable to move or look at the scene in front of me but before I knew it, a warm gentle voice filled my ears lovingly.

"Are you okay, are you hurt?" A panicked voice asked, I fluttered my eyes open and faced the unknown man that stood in front of me, his glossy brown eyes were filled with panic and confusion. I admired his thick hazel hair that hung either side of his plump cheek bones and his chocolate stubble that surrounded his mouth.

"I'm fine." I replied clearing my throat briefly as I licked my lips quickly grazing over the dry areas. He stared at me and latched his gun back into his holster, his smile was warm and welcoming and I finally felt like I had found a new friend.

"I'm Luke." He grinned, hesitantly holding out his pale hand. I gulped and gently grasped it, replying soon after.

"I'm Charity, and uh, thanks for saving me.." I trailed off, I finally mustered up the courage to speak to him, he does seem like a trustworthy guy...

But that voice in my kept screaming vicously at me; You can't trust anyone! Fear the god damn living.

"You on your own?" He asked, checking behind him to make sure no walkers were lurking about, my heart thumped against my chest; unaware that I said the next thing, it slipped out of my mouth and I regretted it soon after.

"Yes, can I come with you?" 

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