Just kiss me

Twenty three year old Charity is struggling to fight through life now, with walkers munching on any kind of flesh they can possibly get their grotty hands on; but as they say, fight the dead and fear the living. There's no one you could fully trust, not without knowing who they really are.

What happens if she stumbles upon Nick? Will she slowly fall in love? Or hide herself away like she has for the past few years..



3. Questions

I rose from the lumpy mattress only to be confronted with Luke, I jumped back startled and held my heart dramatically.

"Sorry to scare you, how are you feeling?" He asked, his tone was serious and it was obvious he was worried. I lightly nodded my head signalling to him that I was doing good. I had plenty to drink and they even gave me a meal; they're such lovely people, it's just gutting that I might not be able to trust them... not yet anyway.

"Where's Nick?" I asked followed by a series of loud yawns, they echoed through the dim lit room as I sighed and grabbed a hairband off the cabinet.

"Outside on watch, you should prob-" 

I cut him off mid sentance, "Thanks!" I sprinted out of the room, the joints in my knees feeling a bit hazy because I was lying down for so long. I tied my blonde hair up into a ponytail and reluctantly flew a soft blanket around my broad shoulders. I slowly opened the door, it screaming because it doesn't want to let the warmth out, I quietly closed it behind- my bare feet hitting the damp grass as I hesitantly walked forward. 

I shivered from the bitter air and saw that mist lingered in the air, it's smokyness forming around the bristle of the trees. 

I glanced ahead to see Nick had perched himself on a bench, his rifle gripped tightly in his firm hand. I took a deep breath and awaited the butterflies that were beginning to swirl around in my stomach.

"Hey Nick." I whispered, shakily sitting next to him, the warmth radiating off his body. He glared at me and darted his eyes back to the woods, I licked my bitter lips and shuffled closer to his form-fireworks were literally exploding inside of me, I even had to hold onto my belly. The moon shone brightly in the dark blue sky, it's rays of light peered down onto Nick's skin bringing out his features perfectly.

"Could you not stare at me, it's creepy." He spat, disgust and hatred filled his voice. I slouched down into the wooden bench, knowing I won't ever get the chance to tell him how I really feel. I know I've only just met him, but I get this wierd feeling whenever we make eye contact. 


"Do you hate me?" I asked simply, waiting for his awnser which might not be so positive. I turnt my gaze to see him- he was just staring out at the trees, pretending I didn't say a word. I sighed and leant my back against the bench, the edge digging into my spine causing me to shift uncomfortably. 


"Stop, you're distracting me." Nick snapped, trying to lower his voice so he wouldn't attract any of these things. I sighed and ended up leaning forward, resting my elbows upon my knees. We sat there for a while, just staring into nothing but thick, muggy fog- I was beyond bored.


"Have you ever had a girlfriend?" I decided that we shoul


d start a conversation,  to get to know eachother better- I may consider trusting these lot. If they really weren't to be trusted they'd act less friendy then they are now.



"Before this.... I did yes." He gulped, adjusting his cap that casted a shadow over his hypnotizing orbs. I smiled weakly at him, signalling him that I was here if he ever needed to talk- he may act like an asshole but there's no point fighting in a world like this. 


"Did you ever have s-" before I could finish my funny question he pointed his rifle at my face dangerously. My eyes widened as my mouth formed an 'O'. I burst into fits of giggles, wow...he's a virgin.


"You're a v-virgin?" I gasped inbetween giggles, my ribs stung as I finally calmed down a little, my lungs screamed for more oxygen.



"I bet you are too." He hissed, well, he has a point. I looked down in embarassment as my cheeks flushed a bright red, I shakily raised my hand and playfully punched him in the shoulder- the force sending him back a little.



"Have you ever made out with a girl?" I asked, slightly raising my eyebrow to let him know I wasn't patient. He rolled his eyes and faced me, dimples appearing either side of his cheek bones. I began to get a ticklish feeling low in my abdomen as I stared intently into his beautiful eyes.



"Yes, many times actually, have you ever made out with a boy?" He awnsered, sending the question right back. I gulped thickly, clearing my throat so I could speak more clearly.


"Yep, but they always ended up saying it was a mistake, I've never had a real kiss that meant anything." I sighed, feeling myself tear up from all the awful memories that I shared with a few of my ex's. What bastards.


Nick softened and gently placed his hand upon my quivering knee, my breath caught in my windpipe as I tried my best not to choke. He raised his hand and swiped it through my hair, his fingertips brushing the top of my ear. I've never seen this side of Nick- but I like it.









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