Just kiss me

Twenty three year old Charity is struggling to fight through life now, with walkers munching on any kind of flesh they can possibly get their grotty hands on; but as they say, fight the dead and fear the living. There's no one you could fully trust, not without knowing who they really are.

What happens if she stumbles upon Nick? Will she slowly fall in love? Or hide herself away like she has for the past few years..



4. Kisses

His hand gently swept through my hair, we savoured every moment- just staring into eachother's eyes. I slowly leant my head forward, prepared to have my first real kiss. Before I could, he forcefully shoved me back, my spine wacking the bench's arm in the process. I whimpered in response, unable to move any parts of my back; I know for a fact that I didn't fracture it, I knew It was just badly bruised.

"What the hell is wrong with you?! You act all lovey dovey but when I go to kiss you, you completely bring me down! Just never talk to me again, I-I hate YOU!" I shouted, not caring if I summoned any walkers. I swiftly turnt on my heel and stormed back into the house- letting out the sobs that have threatened to break for ages.

"Charity? What's wrong?" Luke asked, wrapping me in his warm embrace.I cried into his shoulder as he helped me up to my room. I couldn't bare to face Nick anymore, not after what I said to him.

"I-I hate YOU!" 

The words repeatedly bounced around in my head, did I really mean them? I.....love him.

"Have some rest." Luke cooed, gently caressing my damp cheek. His chocolate eyes sparkled as he glanced down at me, his moist lips forming a faint dimpled grin. 

"I'm thinking of a plan..." I trailed off mischievously,  Luke has known that I like Nick, he says 'its obvious'.

"Oh god, what is it?" Luke asked, looking slightly scared, I wiped the wetness of my splotchy cheeks and whispered the sneaky plan into his ear. 


"Okay, so when he walks past, make sure to kiss me passionately." I stated making sure Luke understood everything. We waited for them familiar footsteps to stomp across the hallway and eventually did. We got in our ready position and saw Nick glance our way, before I knew it Luke had already planted his lips upon my own. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he instinctively yanked me closer to his bubbly warmth. I giggled excitedly in the kiss as I felt a strong hand grasp my shoulder and pull me away. I was shocked at the sudden movement and found myself being pinned to a wall. In a room. Alone with Nick.... Shit.

"Trying to make me jealous huh?" Nick spat, his grip tightening on my shoulders, I whimpered under his touch; wanting him to take things further. I felt his breath directly on my neck and thats when I completely lost it.

"Just kiss me." I growled, feeling the urge to literally make out with his face. His mouth formed awkwardly into a wide grin- his moist lips nearing mine. 

I groaned and grabbed his face, smashing my lips onto his. Okay, so this may sound cheesy. But the amount of fireworks I felt was unbelieveable.  

I let out a small wimper as he fiercly gripped my hips and carried me to his bed- yes, it was his room.

He hovered above me, and began suckling the flesh upon my neck, I know for sure I'd have to try and conceal the mark he creates. I groaned at his touch and found myself straddling his hips, the only barrier was our clothes; I wasn't sure if he wanted to do it.

But I know that....

I'm not going to die a virgin.




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