Just kiss me

Twenty three year old Charity is struggling to fight through life now, with walkers munching on any kind of flesh they can possibly get their grotty hands on; but as they say, fight the dead and fear the living. There's no one you could fully trust, not without knowing who they really are.

What happens if she stumbles upon Nick? Will she slowly fall in love? Or hide herself away like she has for the past few years..



2. Broken

Luke stood there in a daze before he snapped out of his thoughts and fully faced me again, his brown eyes glistening with utter delight.

"Sure, but the people I'm with aren't nice when new people arrive." He sighed, running his hand through his chocolate mop. I slouched my back and perched myself on the edge of the bath tub. My vision becase hazy again as my head spun around giddily, I couldn't focus on anything other than the illuminous spots that dotted around my eyeballs. Luke gasped and luckily caught me before I blacked out.

"This is BULLSHIT Luke, she may be bitten or working with Carver!" A female voice hollered above where I was laying, my eyes gently fluttered open only to be met with unfamiliar faces; they peered down at me in anger.

I plopped myself onto my forearms and rubbed the aching spot that covered most of my forehead.

"If she was bitten she would of turnt by now, she's been out for two god damn days!" Luke snapped, glaring at the pregnant woman who held her stomach in agony; bringing another life into this cruel world must be a hard decision. Some men stepped forward, glancing down at me as if I were an alien, one man caught my eye almost instantly.

He had an old batty cap that lay upon his thick black hair, and his oceanic eyes glittered as the faint moonlight seeped through the dull fabric of a curtain. A small smile formed on my lips as my cheeks turnt a deep shade of pink, I tried to ignore the little fireworks that repeatedly set off in my grumbling stomach but it was no use; my belly was like a parade.  

"Fine, but if she's working with Carver, I won't be afraid to kill her." The woman hissed, turning swiftly on her heel and stormed out of the room; followed by who I assume was her husband. I felt guilty for creating a situation like this, but Luke is the one that carried me there.

I rose from the battered couch, my back clicking from being unactive for so long, I glanced at the new area I was in to see that a few other people had stayed with me.

"What are we going to do with her?" Luke muttered to an older man, he gruffed and wiped his face with the back of his hand. I slowly swung my legs around, placing them upon the cold tile flooring- the fireplace blazed as it engulfed the darkness around it. Suddenly, I felt something metal press against my temple, I gulped thickly realising the dude with the cap pointed a gun dangerously close to my head. I raised my hands in defense as Luke turnt around, the colour from his face drained as he shoved the dude away from me. 

"Nick, just leave her." Luke scowled, snatching the weapon out of 'Nick's' hand. I briefly glanced up, afraid that these people would hurt me in some way. Nick shot death glares at me, sending strange butterflies to flutter against my tight stomach. The specks of dots engulfed my vision again as I hastily cleared my sore throat.

"I need...water" I croaked, trying not to pass out once again. Luke widened his cocoa eyes and sprinted off into an unknown room, I sat there feeling dissy but tried to remain upright. 

"Here." Luke panted, handing me a cup fill of delicous clean water. I gulped it down, not taking a single breath until I knew that every last drop was gone. 

"Thanks, I've been dehydrated for days." I breathed, taking a deep breath before bravely facing all of them, their faces lit by the light of the fire. Nick scoffed beside me and crossed his arms over his chest, his moist lips parted slightly in attempt to let out a few cuss words.


"This is Pete." Luke said motioning to the older man that slouched back in the battered seat, he yawned and waved slightly at me. I smiled and told Luke to carry on with the current introductions. 




"Grumpy chops next to you is Nick." Luke bit his bottom lip- trying not to let out a laugh but I ended up letting out a slight giggle. Nick furiously knocked the expensive vase over and stormed out of the room in a flash. The shattered pieces flew everywhere and I knew he had just attracted walkers.



"Dumbass." I mumbled, crouching down upon my fraile knees and carefully picking up the sharp metallic pieces that were scattered along the rug.




"I told you not to bring her, now look what she's done!" The woman snarled, pointing to the smashed up vase. I gulped thickly, knowing I'd be kicked out soon enough.



"That wasn't her Rebecca, Nick just threw one of his tantrums." Luke stated and casually strolled up to me. 


"Alvin, get Carlos!"  'Rebecca' called out, two men came crashing down the stairs and bundled up in the doorway. They glanced at the situation before them and frowned, Rebecca explained everything and I knew they weren't happy about it. 


"I'm Carlos." One of the men said extending his hand out so I could take it. I gladly grasped it before pulling away shyly. 


"I'm Charity.." Luke finished clearing up the scene and tipped the remainder of the vase into the grotty bin that lay beside the kitchen door. Everyone greeted me and in that moment I felt like I may have a new family;



Well, Rebecca still hates me and so does....Nick. 









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