My Death; Your Nightmare


2. School

I made my way into school in my short miniskirt and my white button-up see-through shirt. As I was walking I noticed the guys staring at me (or my assets) but I didn't pay no attention to it.

Hearing a man's voice I knew I was almost there to my classroom, just a few feet away from the door the bell ranged which meant I was late and I could see Mr. Corbis close his door. " Hey wait, don't close that door yet!" I called out to him trying to run my high-heels.

As he saw me coming up he noticed what I had on and was flabbergasted and was starting to turn red. "Do you like it? I thought I should change my wardrobe." I said slightly touching his arm. He nodded and told me to come on in.

When I walked in I saw the people who thought had killed me and there mouths and eyes were widen with complete shock. With a smirk smile I walked into my seat which was in the very front of the classroom right in front of the one that had threw dirt on me instead of helping me. I could smell his fear it reeked of a rotten smell...a dead smell...


"Oh my god we killed her what are we going to do?! We cant just leave her here we gotta call the cops." Maddie tried to reach for the phone when Jake grabbed her by the hair and pulled her onto the couch.

"We can't call any cops. We can go to jail for murder and you and me both know that you won't last a second in jail." He looked at Jay and told him to get the tarp out the basement so they could wrap Tamara's dead body up in it.

After a few hours of wrapping her dead body and getting her into the car. Jay had told Jake, who was driving the car, that he knew a place where they could bury her.

It was a thirty minute ride to this place in the woods, the place where Jay had dirt biked. "We can put her in one of the dirt mounds out there they'll never know she's there." Jay said to Jake, Maddie, and the other five that was there also.

Jake, Jay, and the other guy that was there helped each other get the body out of the car and also dig the grave. They threw Tamara's body in the grave as though she was a rag doll and as they were tossing the dirt on her body Tamara opened her eyes and slightly turned and was eye to eye with the other guy. Chase. He looked at her with shock, but instead of saying something he shoveled a considerable amount of dirt and tossed it on her face covering her eyes. and her mouth.

Several hours into the night, the sky being black as night the dirt that covered the body of Tamara started to rumble, started to make a certain scratching sound and it got louder and louder and hollowed and hollowed till and hand struck out from the ground.


I could hear the people around me talk about me and my new look, but the room sounded silent  to my ears because all I could hear was the sounds of my shocked "friends". I turned around and looked at Chase, he looked as though he had seen a ghost. I put myself up closer to Chase's face, " Hey don't look so shocked....or scared..." I said to him, "I forgive you for throwing dirt on top of my face instead of helping me, you trifling son of a bitch."

I flashed him a sinister smile and turned around facing Mr. Corbis who continued taking role.

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