My Death; Your Nightmare


1. Digging my way up

After digging myself out of my own grave I realized that I was going be late for school and headed on home in my dirty ripped black lingerie-looking dress.

I walked and headed straight for my room when I my dad, came from nowhere, and grabbed my arm.

" Where have you been and what in the hell do you have on?" My dad said with I stern look on his face. I jerked my arm away from him and walked away toward my room slamming my door behind me. I opened my closet door and eagerly looked my closet trying to find something  to wear. Flipping and Flipping through bundles of my old-fashioned clothes I finally found that I thought would fit me perfectly.

After showering and throwing on my clothes I tried to bail for the door but my dad with his fat ass was blocking the way I asked him to move at least six times but all he keep saying was "where have you been." and all that type of bullshit. I looked at my phone or whatever was left of it and saw that my first class was about to start and I was about to be late; I asked him once again if he would move but all he said was "Your going to have to kill me to get through."

I looked at him with a wicked smile and said " Is that so?" My dad nodded. Quickly moving I grabbed the scissors off the desk beside me and stabbed him in the stomach. I watched him fall to his knees. He looked at me gasping for air. I just looked at him and asked him, "Can you move now?"

I stepped over him and hurried to my car to get to school . Before I could leave I saw my dad trying to drag himself out of the house, frustrated as ever I hopped out the car dragged my dad's fat ass down into the cellar where I practice my witchcraft and as I was walking up the stairs I looked back down at my dad and I saw him bleed out and thought to myself,

I'll kill anyone who gets in my way of what I want most...



Sorry this first chapter is so short. I sometimes make my first chapters short.

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