In love with my best friend

so Angie has been through a lot since her father went to jail for abusing her. She gets bullied in school and she even cuts herself and hides them from people. But then she met a boy named harry styles and they soon became best friends. He has helped her with her all her problems and always looks after her, but what happens when Angie sees harry kissing a girl and finds out that they are going out?


4. chapter three

Harry's POV:

When Angie and I finished chatting later that night I dreamed about her. She was sitting on a bench crying and crying. I walked up to her and asked her what's wrong. After she told me, I felt bad for her. She got abused by her father. So I gave her a hug and told her everything is going to be ok. I took her home and said good bye, but before I left, I asked what's her name, she said that her name was Angie and then I told her my name after that I left and I woke up.

I went to the bathroom to shower and then I got out. I put on clothes and went downstairs to eat breakfast. Once I was finished I went to grab my stuff and went to school. As I was walking I didn't see Angie because usually i see her walking but I don't. So I went over to her house to see if she was there. As I got there I knocked and Angie opened the door.

" hey Angie, um why are you still in your pjs?"

"Oh I forgot to tell you that I got suspended for three days so I'm coming back next week" she said

"Oh, but I'm going to feel lonely!"

"Well I'm sorry, if only I could go, you wouldn't feel lonely" she said

"Well I have to go it's getting late, well see you later alligator!"

"After a while crocodile!" She said with a smile.

So I left and went to school. When I got there I saw four of my other best friends. Louis, Liam, Niall and zayn. I went up to them to give them a hug and then we went inside. In the first three periods we had the same classes and after that we had lunch.

"So do you have a girlfriend yet?" Said Louis

"No not yet, bu-" I got cut off by Liam and did let me finish

"But what is there someone you like?" He said with a weird look on his face.


"You like someone don't you?" Asked zayn

"Ugh yes!.... i-its...." I got cut off again when the bell rang. We all ran to our classes and then the teachers came. We did some math, then Science and last we had History. It was very boring without Angie. When the boys asked me who did I like, I was going to say...Angie. She's the one I like. Ever since we became best friends I began to have feeling for her, But I can't fall in love with her, she's my best friend!

Angie's POV:

When harry left, i helped my mom clean the house, after that we went to the mall. We walked around and I found my favorite store forever 21, so I went in to see what's new. I tried on some clothes that I found and kept them. Then as I passed where there were dresses, I found the most beautiful dress I ever seen. It was a long blue-ish dress with fake little blue diamonds in it. I looked at the price tag noticed that it was to expensive. I kinda got sad because I wanted it really bad. So I just brought the clothes I tried one and went home.

When we got there I went up to my room to put everything away and then I went back downstairs. I walked towards the living room and watched tv.

"Hey Angie why were you sad when you came out of the store and you were even sad on the way back home" my mom asked while she's looking at the television.

"It's because I found this beautiful dress I fell in love with but I couldn't buy it because it was to expensive!"

"And why do you want it?" She said

"I want it so then I could wear it for prom"

"Oh. Well I sorry honey" she said while rubbing my back.

after we talked about the dress, I went up to my room to take a nap, but when I laid down I heard the doorbell ring. So I got up and ran downstairs to see who it was. I opened the door and in came harry.

Harry's POV:

"Hey harry!"he said with a big smile on her face

"Hey Angie!" And I gave her a hug

She let me in and we sat on the couch to talk

"So how was everything at school?" She asked

"It was ok but on the last periods were boring and I felt lonely"

"Oh.... So what did you and your friends talked about at lunch?" She asked

When she asked me that question I began to feel nervous because I didn't want to tell her about it.

"Oh...erm.. We just talked about random stuff"

"Ok.. Do you want to eat?"she said

"Yeah sure!"

"Let's see what should we make"she said

We got up and walked to the kitchen to see what we could make. We searched through the cabinets and found nothing.

"Ang how about we can make tacos?!"

"You like tacos?" She said

"Yes I love tacos!....please can we make some?!"

"Ok tacos it is then" she said

So we got all the ingredients and put them in the counter. Once everything was ready we began to eat. Since I love tacos I ate like four and Angie only ate two.when we finished we washed the dishes.

"The tacos were delicious!"

"I know! With two tacos I got full!" She said.

When she wasn't looking I grabbed plenty of foam from the dishes and put it on her head.

"Oh it's on styles!" She yelled

I began to run all around the house until I got tired, but there was only one thing that I could still do. She came up to me with a lot of foam and she was about to put it on my head, but I picked her up.

"Put me down harry!" She yelled

"Then don't put it on my hair"

"No"she said

"If you put it on my hair I will tickle you!"

"No harry you know I am very ticklish!" She said scared look on her face

"Then don't out it on my hair"

"Ugh fine" she whined

I put her down and suddenly she put all the foam in my head and began to run.

"That's it!" I yelled and began to chase her.

I caught up to her and grabbed her. I began to tickle her and her was begging me to stop.

"Harry stop it!" She yelled.

"Hey you put It on my hair!"I said while tickling her. "I will stop if you let me put foam on your hair!"

"No!" She said

"Then I won't stop!"

"Ugh fine!"she yelled

So I stopped and went to the kitchen to grab a lot of foam and put it on her head. After that we got cleaned up and watched tv.

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