In love with my best friend

so Angie has been through a lot since her father went to jail for abusing her. She gets bullied in school and she even cuts herself and hides them from people. But then she met a boy named harry styles and they soon became best friends. He has helped her with her all her problems and always looks after her, but what happens when Angie sees harry kissing a girl and finds out that they are going out?


9. chapter seven

Angie's POV:

I only had 3 hours until I leave London. I went back to my room to check that I had everything, but I felt like I was forgetting something. I tried to think what was it, until I remember it. It was all the pictures that harry and I took. I checked under my bed and I found the box. I took it out and opened it. I saw all the memories that harry and I made. I thought for a moment and decided to take copies of them so that harry will have them to. I went downstairs to tell my mom that I was going too take copies of the pictures and then I would be back.

When I finished I went back home. I went up to my room and out all the pictures in a small box and wrote something in it. Then I went to sit in my bed and looked at all the pictures. Tears began to form in my eyes. I just can't believe that I'm leaving my best friend. Harry means a lot to me. I checked my phone and I only had one hour left until I leave. So I decided to text Jessie and Haley for a while. I went on Facebook and began to chat with them.

Jessie and Haley: we are going to miss you Angie!

Me: I going to miss you more! Thanks for being there for me and making me happy!

Jessie and Haley: aww your welcome!

Me: well I have to go and get ready, I love you guys and I'll promise to call And text you guys.

Jessie and Haley: bye Angie! We love you to

Me: bye.

I put my phone away and went outside to help my mom put the rest of our things in the car. Then I went back upstairs to get my stuff. I grabbed my box of pictures and Harry's box. I went downstairs and went outside to close the door. Put my things in the back seat and when I turned around I saw harry harry walking towards me.

"Harry!" I yelled and ran towards him to give him a tight hug. He hugged back but tighter.

"I'm going to miss you Angie" he said with tears forming in his eyes." promise me that you are going to call when you get to your destination"

"I promise harry" I said while crying. "Oh harry I have something for you" I said as I was taking out the box I had for him. "Please open it when you get home"

"I will, but what's inside?" He said

"You'll see" I said with a smile

"Angie we have to go" my mom said

"Well I guess this is goodbye" I said already crying

"I'm going to miss you Angie" said harry

"Me too"

After we said our goodbyes, harry leant in, his face was a few inches away from mine. Then all of a sudden I felt his lips pressed against mine. I felt sparkles with his touch, I just can't believe that my best friend kissed me. It was the best thing I ever had.

We kissed for one good minute and then. We had to brake the kiss.

"Bye harry"

"Bye Angie" he said and then he left.

Harry's POV:

I can't believe I kissed Angie! I just kissed my best friend! I went back home and I went up to my room and layer on my bed. i remembers that Angie gave me a box. I opened it and I saw a letter.

Dear harry,

I want to thank you for being always there for me and for listening to all my pain.Thanks to you I have someone to turn to, someone to run to when things go wrong.All the frowns I've worn that you've turned into smiles.All the times I wanted to die, You have led me the way. Thanks go to you.Without you, my life would be like the moon without the stars.I would have no one to brighten my horizons and widen my spirits.No one can come close to measure up to all the things that you've done for me.Letter by letter my spirits were lifted and I knew that if I ever needed you were there.So thanks go to you for everything. For giving me sight for tomorrow.Thanks to you I have someone to live for, someone to look forward to.Thanks for always being there, for believing in me and our friendship.

And in this little box you will see all the memories we made. All the pictures we took when me and you hanged out. Please take care of them. Your probably thinking that why didn't I keep them. Well I did keep them, I took copies of the pictures so Then I can give it to you and that way we will both have our memories with us.

Love always,


When I finished reading the letter, I began to cry. i really miss Angie. I put the letter aside and saw all the pictures. I took them out and saw all of them. I cried more and then I saw one that I love the most, it was a picture of me kissing Angie's cheek and she was smiling like there was no tomorrow. I cried even more, I just wish she didn't move, but it was for here safety. I know that she will come and visit, but I will have to take care of her when she visits, I don't want her father to hurt her.

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