In love with my best friend

so Angie has been through a lot since her father went to jail for abusing her. She gets bullied in school and she even cuts herself and hides them from people. But then she met a boy named harry styles and they soon became best friends. He has helped her with her all her problems and always looks after her, but what happens when Angie sees harry kissing a girl and finds out that they are going out?


7. chapter five

Harry's POV:

I woke up in a happy mood because I was going to hang out with Angie at the park today. I did my daily routine and then i went to school. I saw the guys and went inside to start classes. We sat in our assigned seats and did math. The three first periods went by fast and then we had lunch. I sat down at a table and ate. The boys were talking and laughing. So was I.

" hey harry you never told us who you liked" Niall said with his mouth full of food.

In that moment I began to feel nervous. I really didn't want to tell them, but I had to.

"Oh...... Um.."

"Come on tell us we won't tell!" Said zayn


"Promise" said liam

"Ok it's......... A-Angie"

"You like Angie!" Said Louis

"Yes I do now please don't tell her!"

Right when I said that I noticed that Liam kinda look sad.

"Don't worry we won't tell" said Niall

" I started to have feelings for her since we became best friends, but I think I shouldn't fall for her because she's my best friend."

" harry, you can fall in love with your best friend. I fell in love with my girl best friend and now we're dating!" Said zayn.

"I guess I can"

"So what are you going to do now?" Said Liam in a kinda raspy voice

"Well....... I asked her if she wanted to h-hang out with me today after school" I said nervously

"You did?" Said Louis

"Where are you going to go with her?" Asked Niall

"I told her that we are going to Dairy Queen and then to the park"

"Ok and then what?" Said zayn.

"Well that's all I think"

"Oh" said Louis

After we talked, the door bell rang and we went to classes. I had three more hours and then I will go hang out with Angie.

Angie's POV

I saw that I had a 2 more hours until harry comes and picks me up. I needed to get ready so I took a good shower for 20 minutes and then got out. I checked through my closet and I couldn't find anything to wear. So I called my friend haley. Since she didn't go to shook I needed her help.

Haley: hello?


Haley: your going somewhere?

Me: yes and I need you to come quick!!!!

Haley: ok I'll be there in ten minutes.

I hung up and went to brush my hair and curled it. A few minutes later HALEY was here.

"Ok,eats see what you can wear" said haley already looking through my closet.

"Hurry because harry will be here in an hour!"

"Aha, I got it!" Said haley taking out clothes, I saw her take out shorts, Victoria secret shirt and my light blue converse.

"Put this on and put on you ray-ban and paint your nails blue." She said

So I went to the bathroom to change and I put on my bracelets and painted my nails blue.

" You look perfect! " she said in a happy voice

"Thanks for everything haley!" I said and gave her a big hug.

"Well I have to go, I need to eat dinner." She said.

"Oh ok bye"

"Bye!" She said and left.

Angie's out fit:

I only had 30 minutes left. So I checked my twitter and and texted harry. I told him that I was ready and he said he would be over in 20 minutes. I went downstairs to watch tv while I was waiting for harry. Then I received this message from Jessie so I answered it.

Jessie: hey Angie! Whatcha doin?

Me: watching tv.

Jessie: can I come over?

Me: sorry not today

Jessie: aww why? :(

Me: because I'm going out

Jessie: with who?

Me: try to guess!

Jessie: mmmmm...... Harry!

Me: yep!

Jessie: AWWWWWW have fun on your date!

Me: it's not a date! We are just going to hang out! Well I have to go bye!

Jessie: ok have fun!

After that I turned off my phone and turned off the tv. Harry could be here any minute now so I grabbed my sunglasses and put my phone in my pocket. After that I heard a knock on the door, I opened it and it was harry.

"Hey harry!"

"Hey..... Wow you look beautiful!" He said

"Thanks.. You look good too!"

"Thanks, so shall we?" He said as he moved back so then I can come out.

Harry's outfit:

So we got in his car and drove to Dairy Queen. When we got there we both ordered a blizzard and we went to sit down.

"So how are you and your mom?"he started.

"We're good, and you?"

"I'm fine it's just I feel lonely at school" he said.

"I know, but next week I will come back, but at the same Time I don't want to because what if sandy begins to bully me and make me do everything for her!"

"Don't worry I'll be there for you, if she starts to bother you just tell me and I'll take care of it" he said

"AWWWWWW thanks harry!"

After we talked , we got out and went to the park.

Harry's POV:

when we were done talking we went to the park. When We got here I got out first and went to open Angie's door. She got out and we started walking.

"It's beautiful out here!" She said

"I know right! My mom used to take me here when I was little."

"So you've been here like almost you whole entire life?"she asked.

"Yeah kinda... Come here I want to show you something." I said and I grabbed her hand and took her to the other side of the hill. When we were almost there I covered her eyes and guide her through.

"Ok you ready?" I asked

"I'm ready!" She said

I took my hands off her and she looked surprised.

"Oh my god, harry this is beautiful!" She said.

"This is where my mom and I used to swim before I met you."

"But where did you swim?"

"There's a lake that was created by the waterfall, that's where we used to swim"

"Oh" she said

"Come with me" I grabbed her hand and I took her where we used to swim. When we got there, we saw little fishes swimming around. I saw she wasn't looking so I splashed water at her.

"Harry!" She yelled

"Ha ha!"

She splashed water back and we began to splash water at each other.

"Wait harry I have my phone!"she yelled

"Oh sorry I didn't know"

"Let's just sit somewhere" she said.

I followed her and we sat on two big rocks.

" the sunset looks beautiful " she said

"Beautiful just like you"

"You really mean it?" She asked and began to blush

"Yes I mean it!"

"Aww thanks harry, nobody has ever said that to me" she said

"Well they should've cause you are beautiful"

"Thanks hazz!" She said and gave me a hug.

Angie's POV:

I can't believe harry just told me that I was beautiful ! I mean nobody has ever said that to me. I hugged him for a while and then my phone rings.

Me: hello?

Mom: Angie where are you? You were supposed to be here an hour ago!

Me: I'm so sorry I didn't know time went bye fast!

Mom: well when you get here we need to talk.

Me: ok I'll be right over bye

I hung up and checked that it was 6 pm already.

"Harry I have to go, my mom just called and said that I was supposed to be there an hour ago.

"Oh I am so sorry it's my fault!" He said

"No it's not your fault, it's my fault that I didn't check to see what time was it"

"Come on let's just take you home, your mom is probably mad at you" he said

We ran back the car and we went back home. It was a silent ride so it was kinda awkward when we drove back home. We finally got to my house and harry stopped the car.

"Thanks for taking me to the park, it was fun"

"Anytime" he said

I he leant in and gave me a kiss on the cheek, I felt sparkles with his touch. After that I got off the Car and went inside.

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