In love with my best friend

so Angie has been through a lot since her father went to jail for abusing her. She gets bullied in school and she even cuts herself and hides them from people. But then she met a boy named harry styles and they soon became best friends. He has helped her with her all her problems and always looks after her, but what happens when Angie sees harry kissing a girl and finds out that they are going out?


10. chapter eight

Angie's POV:

I started to cry when I left harry, but I will never forget that kiss. I can't believe he kissed me! It was the most beautiful thing I ever had. I will come and visit him when ever I can, but I can't get caught by my father. If he sees me, I'm screwed.

"What are you thinking ang?" My mom asked

"About all the memories harry and I made" I said and began to cry.

Everything went quiet and a few hours later we got to my aunts house. We got out of the ca and grabbed our things. My mom knocked on the door and my aunt opened it. She gave us a hug and I can tell she was very happy to see us.

"I missed you guys so much!"she said

"We missed you to sis" my mom said

"Angie how are you?" She asked

"I'm fine"I said and did a fake smile

After that we took everything inside. I went up to my room and unpacked my things. Once I was done packing I went back outside to grab my box and then went back inside. I closed the door and saw my 15 year old cousin walking towards me.

"Hey Angie, what's in that box?" My cousin asked.

"Oh it's just some personal stuff" I said

"Oh like what?" She asked as she was about to take it away, but I backed up

"It's none of your business!" I yelled

"Geez you don't have to yell" She said.

I ran to my room and closed the door. I sat on my bed and opened my box. I saw all the pictures and last I saw my favorite picture. Harry was kissing my cheek and I was smiling like there was no tomorrow. When I saw harry in the picture, I remembered that I had to call harry to let him know that I got to my aunt's house. I searched for my phone and I found it in my purse. I dialed Harry's number and waited for him to answer.




Me:Yes it's me!

Harry:Angie I'm so happy you called!

Me:And I'm happy to hear your voice! and did you see what was In that box?"

Harry:Yes I did, I read the letter and saw the pictures and at the end I found our favorite picture

Me:I did to

Harry:I wish that you were here with me

Me:I know I wish that to, but I can't

Harry:I know

Me:but I can visit!

Harry:Yes you can, but if you do I will take good care of you, I don't want your father to hurt you

Me:yeah, but I also don't know where I would stay

Harry:You can stay with me?

Me:if that's ok with your mom

Harry:Don't worry she would be glad to have you stay

Me:Oh ok, well I have to go harry, I need to eat

Harry:Ok, bye love

Me:bye harry

And with that I hung up. I went downstairs and walked to the kitchen.

" go sit down ang it's time to eat" my mom said

I saw Tyler and sandy already eating ( and yes she has the same name as my bully) their food and also my uncle. I sat across from Tyler and began to eat. Once we were done I washed the dishes and went to the living room. I turned on the tv and flipped through Channels. There was really nothing good on so I just went up to my room. I went upstairs and when I opened the door I saw sandy looking at my pictures.

"SANDY WHAT ARE YOU DOING, GET OUT OF MY ROOM!" I yelled and walked towards her, she was looking at my favorite picture and I grabbed it but she pulled away.

"GIVE IT TO ME!" I yelled


"NO GIVE IT BACK!" I yelled and when I pulled it, my picture ripped in half

"YOU RIPPED IT!!!!" I yelled

"NO YOU DID!" She yelled back

"JUST GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY ROOM!!!!" I yelled and pushed her. She fell on the floor and got back up. After that she left.

I sat on my bed and began to cry. I saw my ripped picture, how was I going to fix it?! I didn't know what to do so I went downstairs to tell my mom about it. Then when I got downstairs, I saw my mom and went up to her.

"Mo-" I said but she cut me off

"What's wrong with you?! Why did you push sandy?" She said

" she ripped my picture! And I told her not to look at them!" I yelled

" yeah but you didn't have to push her!" She yelled back

"Well if she didn't go through my stuff, none of this would've happened!"

"You need to be nicer to her, you like haven't even seen her that much and now you hate her?!" She said

"I told her not to go through my stuff and for not doing what I said she went through my stuff, I got mad at her and pushed her!"

"Just go and apologize to her, we'll talk more about this in my room" she said

"Ugh mom!"

"Go now!" She said

I walked to the living room and I saw her there sitting on the couch watching tv. I went up to her and stood in front of her.

"What do you want?" She said

"I came here to apologize for what I did, I told you to stay out of my business and since you were going though my stuff and my picture ripped, I got pissed off and pushed you..... So I-I'm sorry"

"Apology accepted"she said.

"Now do you know how to fix this picture?" I asked

"Yes I do" she said

"But without using tape" I said

"Yeah I can" she said

"Ok good"

We went upstairs in her room and sat on the bed. She gathered everything she needed and then fixed the picture. It look like if it was never ripped!

"Wow thanks sandy!" I said and gave her a hug.

After that I went to my mom's room, since she told me to meet her there. When I got there she was already waiting. I went to sit next to her and then she began to talk.

"Angie I know it's hard for you to be separated from harry, but you need to understand it's for your safety........... If your father finds you.... He will hurt you and I don't know what I would do"she said

"Mom I miss harry so much, he has helped me through all my problems, he always makes me happy and I care a lot about him" I said with tears forming in my eyes

"Angie I have a question for you and I want you to tell me the truth.......are you in love with harry?" She said

When she asked me I was in love with him, I got nervous, i love him with all my heart and I didn't want my mom to know, but I had to tell her.

"Yes mom......I love harry... I loved him since we became best friends, I wanted to tell him, but I didn't know if he likes me or not."

"But does he know that you love him?" She asked

"Well First he told me that he loved me and gave me a kiss and I told him I love him back and that's when we had to leave"

"He gave you a kiss?" She said

"Yes he did"

"Well now you know he loves you, but did he tell you about his feelings for you?"she said

"No he didn't either"

"Well you need to tell him" she said

"I will"

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