Band Bash

Three bands are chosen from around the world to live together for a period of time. How will they live together? OC Band


2. Chapter Two

Screech! My phone went off, freaking out a few people in the airport. A few strangers glanced at us, I raised an immaculate eyebrow. I read the text, confused. My hand soon all little at the few words on the glowing screen. Bill, is sick. Tokio Hotel will not be coming. So, that just leaves us and the boys. Stressing the word boys. Five boys.

"What is it, Shock?" I turn to Static, and tell her. She stands for a moment, shocked, before LiveWire turns to me with huge eyes, and squeals. Her eyes bulged out of her sockets.  She has a slight obsession over some British lads.


"So, we'll still meet 1D?!" It looked like she was going to faint, her face turned as pale as a snow Fox. Droplets of sweat yelled from her face, running, running down her face.

I nod at her before grinning.

"Looks like we have only one direction to go from here," Wire says.

"Yeah. That way." I point to the doors.

"Aww...that was a perfect moment..." I roll my eyes yet again. Something tells me I'll be doing that a lot.



This is Static ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

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