Band Bash

Three bands are chosen from around the world to live together for a period of time. How will they live together? OC Band


3. Chapter Three

We've arrived at the place we're staying, but I can't believe it. Why would they use my place for this? Yes, I have a place in America, but for vacations only. How did they even get in?

"Ahem, Miss Shock? We apologize for not telling you where the bash was, but we couldn't have others finding out."

"Why wouldn't I want to know you were using my house?"

"We thought it was okay, after all, your mother okayed it."

"My 'mother'has no right to tell you that, but since we're already here, we might as well stay. But if my mother tells you anything else, ignore her."

"o....kay?" I lead my band to the manor, knocking.

"VERRS, we're here."

"Miss Shock, what a pleasant surprise." The AI lets us in.



The pic at the top is Current

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