Band Bash

Three bands are chosen from around the world to live together for a period of time. How will they live together? OC Band


1. Chapter One

Chapter One


“Come on, girls! We’re gonna miss the plane!”

“Alright, Shock. Hold your circuits!” I roll my mismatched eyes at my band mate’s joke. See, this is what I live with everyday. Oh, where are my manners? If you haven’t figured it out already, I’m Shock. The jokester is LiveWire, the broody one over there is Current, and the girl hiding over there, behind the book is Static. We’re the Bionix. We have real names, of course. I won't tell you mine. LiveWire is Kelsey, Current is Donna, and Static is Sarah. You can't get that girl out of her books, I swear.


Anyway, we're on our way to a thing the managers are calling the Band Bash. It's pretty much where three bands from around the world live together for a long time. I wasn't paying attention to how long, but it's pretty long from what I heard. Obviously, we're one of them. So far, we have a German band, which is Tokio Hotel, English which is One Direction, and us, the Japanese. We drive to the South Tokyo Airport, and board the plane to America. Current, of course, is listening to Falling in Reverse. Static is reading, and LiveWire is sleeping. I'm sitting here, waiting for the trip to be over. I'm not a people person. As soon as we get there, I'm sleeping. No one can do anything about it. Oh, crap. Here comes Toji. What the heck is he doing on this flight? He sees me, unfortunately, and starts talking. The whole trip, none stop, is just about him going on about visiting his cousins in San Francisco. Ugh. Turns out this boy has had a crush on me since we were in high school. I graduated early to get away from this guy. Someone save me...



This is Shock ^^^^^^^^^^^^

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