Adopted by 1D, I couldn't care less

I am El I am 14. I get adopted by the band every girl my age loves, apart from me. Honestly getting adopted by one direction to me is the same as getting adopted by five normal full of them selves guys. So Yah. Btw I have an awesome bf Alex with abs 2DIE4!


5. Why couldn't it have just been David Tennant.

Liam Payne?



I opened the door to see Liam Payne and then the four other boys behind him. "Hi Elizabeth" how dare he no one calls me Elizabeth "don't call me that, call me either El or Eliza." I couldn't believe it why me or why one direction, it couldn't have just been David Tennant. "So Eliza we would like to adopt you how do you feel about that?"



(A/N the next part will be in script format because of so much speech. M=Me. D=Danny. E=Ellie. Li=Liam. Z=Zayn. H=Harry. Lou=Louis. N= Niall.)



M: Can I ask one question first?



H: sure, what is it?



M: You have to be 100% honest.



Li: We promise we will.



M:Why me? Why do you want to adopt me? When you can adopt someone like Charlie or Lily or little Lucas.



(Back 2 normal)



Liam and the boys looked like they had no clue how to answer. "I guess I've got my answer, you don't really want me, I'm just a publicity stunt, well, that's why you want me." I was mad I mean I hate those people they're full of themselves and I don't want to be used for getting people I hate more popular. I got up and went to my room, I sat on my bed and held the little teddy in my hands, Niall came in and looked like he was in paradise. "FIFA14 computer edition, weights, mini-fridge and a signed DR WHO poster from David Tennant. This place is awesome!" His awe made me laugh a little. "What do you want." He was here ether to try and cheer me up, convince me to carry on talking to the others or both. "Why do you think we asked to adopt you?" Seriously Ellie doesn't listen now you. "I thought I made it pretty clear." Dose anybody have ears? "Well your wrong, we would like to have you because your not fake, your not all girly dresses, your not afraid, you have guts. You just said you didn't want to be adopted by a hugely popular band, that's why we want you in our family, El that's why we want you not for some publicity stunt." I guess they're kind of okay.Niall looked at my weights, "how much can you curl, I can curl 120." Only 120 well for normal people that's good "180-200 lbs depends on how I'm feeling." He looked at me stunned, "You would be able to bench press Louis!" That made me laugh.



"What's in the mini-fridge?" I'm guessing he is hungry. "Energy drinks for warm up, during and cool down, bananas, water, energy bars and smoothies/milkshake with energy boosts, want something." I was saw that he was beginning to notice how passionate I am about exercise. "I wouldn't mind a banana., is that a PENTAX X-5, how many cameras do you have?" He has seen my collection "23 I have 23 cameras I have the PENTAX X-5, a Nikon F3, a Cannon Powershot 12.1 MP, a Fuji instax camera s7 mini Polaroid, a square shooter 2 Polaroid, a Polaroid I-zone pocket camera, a Cannon Powershot SX500 16.0 MP, a Fujifilm Fine pix S2980 14.0 MP… and a Nikon D3100 14.2 MP digital" I he looked a bit shocked " I'm guessing photography is a hobby" he smirked "I guess" I replied smiling back.



"Look, I would love to adopt you and if you still don't want to I would like for you to at least be the photographer for our shows." Seriously, I don't want any fame. "I guess I could come back down stairs I need to talk to Charlie and Alex." He looked slightly confused. "I know who Charlie is but who's Alex?" I tapped my nose and said "wouldn't you like to know." "Yes I would that's why I'm asking." I giggled a little he smiled and then left. I called Alex and told him the news he was defiantly shocked and I told him I might not make the date tomorrow. He was fine with it because of my situation. Charlie came into my room and I told her she was totally fan-girling. "Charlie do you want to meet them?" She looked like I had just given he a million pounds "OMG!!!!! CAN I?" She is a huge fan. "In a bit."



Niall knocked on the door to check if I was ok. "Niall you never took your banana!" I threw one at him. "Ouch!!" He peeled the banana from the top, me and Charlie gasped. "What?" He didn't know. "Your not supposed to peel bananas from the top, the monkeys do it from the bottom and the monkeys know best because they eat bananas all day." He can't even eat a banana properly. "Oh, I thought only weird curly haired people do that." I'm guessing that meant Harry. "I'll be down soon." I don't like the other boys, they're posers but Niall is nice. "Okay, just making sure your alright."

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