Adopted by 1D, I couldn't care less

I am El I am 14. I get adopted by the band every girl my age loves, apart from me. Honestly getting adopted by one direction to me is the same as getting adopted by five normal full of them selves guys. So Yah. Btw I have an awesome bf Alex with abs 2DIE4!


2. last day of normality

I got out of school like normal, got detention like normal, went to the gym with Alex, Charlie and Jamie. I out lasted everyone, grabbed an energy drink specifically designed as an after work out drink, went to the park, met up with Robin and Tom, Charlie and Jamie left. I had a make out session with Alex whilst Tom and Robin did the same.

Same as normal we spent twenty minuets slowly walking to Tom's dropped him and Robin off. Me and Alex then Spent fifteen minuets (normally a two minuet walk) back to Downs house (the orphanage). We went up to my room ignoring everyone especially Tyler (,a thirteen year old boy who is constantly trying to piss me off pity I'm not allowed to beat him up again). I fake went to punch him and he flinched. "oooooooo someone's on the wrong day of the month" everyone fell silent because normally I would have beat him up even he began to look worried but this time I was nice and just said "fuck of Tyler" and flipped him the bird. I went to go upstairs to my room with Alex when Tyler said "use protection we dint want a little El running around the place, are you sure you should be doing this in your... Well you know." I don't care what he says so I just replied with "yeah i mean of corse you know, you being a girl an all." The others started laughing and I went off upstairs.

I went up to my room and started making out with Alex, soon after we started we got interrupted by Lucas running in "Eliza, Arex, I got sumfink for you" he handed us both a paper hat with multi-coloured lines all over it. He ran off then came back with one on his head. "They're awesome little buddy." Alex said "I love it thanks Lucas." He jumped up onto Alex's knee and I gave Alex a peck on the lips. Charlie made my jump, she was standing in the door way without me or Alex realising and said "just like a little family" she laughed when she saw me jump. "Jesus Charlie." We all stopped and herd Lucas say "fuck of Charlie." Which just made her laugh more, Lucas got up and started trying to push Charlie out of the room. Charlie left and Lucas ran to us gave us a hug and left the room. I went back to making out with Alex, we organised a date for Sunday, he had to leave because of his curfew so he gave me a kiss goodbye and left.

I went into the kitchen to eat, we had spaghetti meatballs and garlic bread. I went upstairs to my room, made a YOUTUBE video, watched a few episodes of teens react, checked on Lucas, lifted weights for an hour then did 350 crunches, played one more game of FIFA, texted Alex and went to bed. Just a normal Thursday.

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