Adopted by 1D, I couldn't care less

I am El I am 14. I get adopted by the band every girl my age loves, apart from me. Honestly getting adopted by one direction to me is the same as getting adopted by five normal full of them selves guys. So Yah. Btw I have an awesome bf Alex with abs 2DIE4!


6. I guess I'm going in

I went down stairs after about ten or so minuets. When I got back downstairs Lily was looking at me with huge eyes, I'm guessing she is jealous of Niall Horan going into my room and talking to me when i'm not even a fan. I went into the room with all of the boys and i sat next to Niall instead of any of the others. I still think the other boys are posers, they're wearing designer clothes to an orphanage. I mean, talk about showing off. Harry then said "So, El what changed your mind?" of corse it was Niall what else could it have been. "Niall and his answer to my question." That made Niall smile.


We finished the chat and I am going to their house for a week as a trial run and if it goes well they will be adopting me. I have been given nicknames and decided what i shall call every one.

Niall- Ni/ Nialler/ Bro.

Liam- Liam.

Louis- Dad/ Lou

Zayn- Zay

Harry- Curls/Hazza/ Haz / I can haz a cheeseburger

Eleanor- Mum/ Ellen

Perrie- Pez/ Perrie

Me- El/ Ellie/ Eliza


I went upstairs to my room and got a glare from Lily. I laughed back and Louis ran up behind me it was funny to see Lily's reaction. I went into my room and called for Charlie to meet Louis and help me pack. I put the contents  of my mini-fridge into a chill bag with a few ice packs, not knowing if I would get a chance to go to the gym i packed a few weights, i packed my training kits - enough for every day and three swimming kits. Normal clothes and underwear for seven days, my Pj's, toiletries, my water bottle, six of my cameras and my laptop. I also grabbed my school bag. Louis and Charlie helped me bring my stuff down and put it into the boys limo. I gave Charlie a hug and knelt down to give Lucas a big hug when I remembered Barney's teddy and the other things. I quickly ran upstairs and put all of the stuff from the bottom of that draw in a cardboard box and went back downstairs to the boys and the limo. "Ready now?"Niall asked. "Yeah, as i'll be." i mumbled the last part.

We drove for about fifteen minuets during this time we began to play 20 Questions.

(A/N back to script format)


H- is it true that you could bench press Louis?

M-how much dose he weigh? 

Lou- 175lb.

M- I could curl you, literally, i curl 200lb.

Z-gees girl your strong

M- i can bench press 500


M-(I smirk) Eat right. Okay my turn, ooo, whats your favourite food?


Z- Nando's



Ni- ALL OF IT!!!!

Lou- Yours?

M-Bananas or Pizza express.

Z- Nando's trator!!!!!!

H- ooh, ooh, i got one, what was in that box, you know the one you so desperately needed to get.

(Oh well, now I hate Harry, I was just beginning to like him, kind of, oh well his loss.)


H-Come on El

M-Drop it.

H- Whats up El.

M-I said drop it.

H-Why cant you tell me.

M-Fuck Off! 

(my eyes started to tear up, I scooted further to the corner of the limo and I looked at my hands.)

H-Woooh, geez girl just tell us.

Lou-Harry Just shut up. El you don't have to tell us anything you don't want to.

(I could tell every one shot him a dirty look.)

H- What?


(back to normal text)


The rest of the ride was silent and I looked at my hands the whole time. Why couldn't I have just packed barney's stuff with the rest of my things and not have had to go back up to get them? Why? Why? Why fricking why?

After a while the Limo came to a stop, I guess we are here. I got out second, after louis, I went behind the car to grab my bags and I saw him trying to pick up one of the bags but struggling. "Louis you won't be able to lift, it has my weights, the bag is literally three times as heavy as you." he looked embarrassed  "I could lift it, buuuut If you want to carry this one I'll take your cameras or your clothes." I forgot you cant touch a mans ego, well, unless your making it bigger. " First off NO ONE touches my cameras apart from me," I said putting four of my cameras over my head onto my shoulder, "and secondly I'll take the bag." I say putting the other two over my other shoulder and placing barney's box on top of the bag."Can you please take my laptop, i trust you."

I turn around to see this huge mansion and I gaped in awe. "Oh My God! This. Is. Huge." Niall laughed at my awe and I hit him on the arm. Niall stepped forward "Well, are we going in then." I guess "now is as good a time as any." Well, I guess I'm going in.




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