Adopted by 1D, I couldn't care less

I am El I am 14. I get adopted by the band every girl my age loves, apart from me. Honestly getting adopted by one direction to me is the same as getting adopted by five normal full of them selves guys. So Yah. Btw I have an awesome bf Alex with abs 2DIE4!


3. Friday

Today is Friday and we did the same routine as every Friday, the only difference between Friday and other days is that Tom and Robin joined us at the gym and we spent all of the time there.

We all went over to Alex's today rather than splitting up to our separate houses and we all watched a movie, a movie that never fails to get us all laughing-Ted. We then watched the latest dr who and how I met your mother before me and Charlie had to leave curfew and all. I kissed Alex goodbye and walked back to Downs house with Charlie.

Alex only lives two roads away so it didn't take long to get back. I walked in without Danny or Ellie could see me, I really didn't want to see them right now because my report card was lower then it had ever been. Me and Charlie wet up to my room un noticed by Danny or Ellie. Thank God!

I was talking with Charlie when I walked into my room. I shrieked "oh my god Ben what the hell." Ben (my social worker) was sitting on my bed wearing a smirk on his face. I fake hit him, only cuz he was a mate. "What have I done this time," for a second Ben looked puzzled but then realised what I meant. "Nothing, you have done nothing wrong" that puzzled me "then why are you here Ben, awwww did Bennie boy get lonely" he looked at me angrily "No and I'm not a baby I'm 150% of your age," (Ben is 21) "okay, so why are you here" I honestly didn't know wait was it my report card, can't be he said I hadn't done anything bad, did they think I was dyslexic? "Someone wants to adopt you."so many thoughts were running wild all over my head did I hear him right? What normal family wants me, should I be worried?

"Why do they want me, I mean I'm me, I need some space." I grabbed my spare sports kit, my wallet and my ear buds (my phone was in my pocket)"El where are you going?" I ignored Ben.

I got downstairs and got caught by Ellie, god another thing I don't need right now. "Oi missy where do you think your going, we need to talk." Gees doesn't she know when to stop "Gym and Bens already told me so just back off!" I needed to work off some steam by going to the gym. "Most people would be happy if they found out they were getting adopted" Ellie really pissed me off when she said that. "Well I'm not like most people, am I, anyway what normal family wants a girl like me? I need some space,"

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