The Bad Boy

Maria Alejandra moved from a New York to the windy city of Chicago. She embarks on her journey to finish High School on her journey she just might fall in love with the bad boy of the school Gian Carlo Capello.


1. Chapter 1

“MARIA YA NOS TENEMOS QUE IR” Mom shouted from downstairs.

“YA VOY” I shouted back, getting my bags and running out the bedroom door. “It’s about time, we were going to leave without you” Dad teased. “It takes Time to look this good” I joked back and flipped my hair. “It’s my turn to pick the music this time.” “Yeah, Yeah just get in the car hermanita.” Antonio, my older brother said rolling his eyes. I laughed and got into my family’s travel car a Mercedes Benz GL450. Did I forget to mention we’re rich? Oh well now you know. Since its going to be a bit before we get to Chicago I’ll introduce myself. Hello I’m Maria Alejandra Caro. I am a 16 year old half Italian and half Latina. I like any color but pink and yellow. I like almost any kind of music. I can sing and dance. I love Starbucks and need to have caffeine at least once a day. I am currently single and moving to Chicago from New York. I know most kids would be miserable but I was originally born in Chicago and all my family is there. I never really had a friend. I have both book and street smarts. Other than that I am a normal teenage girl a bit spoilt but still a teenage girl. I don’t think I missed anything. Oh yeah I can use knives, guns and almost any kind of weapon to defend myself. Kay that’s about it now back to the story, where was I oh… Finally we got to our new home.

Now Monday is going to be torture because I am going to start sophomore year. Translations: MARIA YA NOS TENEMOS QUE IR – Maria we have to go now YA VOY – I’m Coming Hermanita – Little Sister



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