'When grey and white rule the world,
Beware the blue born babe.'

Can a prophecy thousands of years old really come true?
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7. Tomorrow

Several years later, 'Azure' was an infamous name. The hidden sorcerer, the wizard in the west, Malus*. He had many names. Gone was the honest innocent of his youth. This young adult was powerful, evil and he loved it. As he grew, his powers grew more potent. He learned to control them. But the blue of his eyes stood no longer for hope, but for power and corruption. He killed many people in his time, mostly because he could, and he enjoyed it.

Azure brought back

as he flicked his precious knife into the skin and blood ran in streams of crimson down the grey streets. The prophecy had been fulfilled.

'Death will be the only King

And red will flood the land.'


*Malus means evil in the language of old.

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