'When grey and white rule the world,
Beware the blue born babe.'

Can a prophecy thousands of years old really come true?
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6. Next


It couldn't be too late.

The old man was muttering away to himself, dragging the helpless boy behind him when he was jerked to a stop, suddenly empty handed.

"You little minx. I'll get you..."

Whatever he had been about to say was lost as he turned around. His heart almost stopped right then and there. Standing in front of him was Azure, but not the frightened, innocent boy who had disobeyed his parents, but a powerful teenage enchanter. His eyes were glowing, bright in the world of black, and dust swirled around him like a cloak, a storm encompassing him.

"I am Azure - I am Power. I am Light. I am Blue."

The apparition spoke in a voice unlike his normal voice, clouded by authority and strength. Before the astonished old man could defend himself, Azure had turned the full force of his gaze upon him. Shards of icy blue rained down upon the defenceless figure, knocking him to the floor. Once the light of life had left the grey eyes, the boy lowered his arms, as the blue fire slowly dimmed. All at once, he collapsed, the power draining him.

For a while, he lay there, breathing heavily, staring at what he had done. He was filled with a deep self-loathing. How could he have done that? What was wrong with him? He was a monster. How could he face his parents ever again, after what he had done?

All around the prone figure, the sky began to lighten, the world was waking. It was morning. The morning, Azure realized with a jolt, of his 16th birthday. He was officially a man.

Only once he had gathered his strength was Azure able to comprehend the scale of what he had done. He jumped up quickly, fervently checking nobody had seen him. He had to go, run away from this place. With this thought, and before he could change his mind, he ran, ran fast and far.

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