I am alone

Zara receives a letter from her mother who she can hadly remember and sets about finding her.


1. Dear Zara

Dear Zara,

I will never be there for you during your child-hood. Never the less, I hope someday we can meet- maybe in your later life. I will always think about you, ven now when we are together you never leave my mind. However for now we won't meet, so, this is what my life so far has been like, and, it is also my good bye:

                      I am alone. Not by myself alone, but, no one like you alone. I am different. It is something about me that no one can relate to, with, not even my parents. People are terrified of me, yet, I haven't done anything to tramatise them! Just being there, in school, the same shop, same street, paralyses them with fear. Most I haven't even talked to, hardly seen before, however, still cower away from me, making humiliation burn away at my heart: day after day, week after week, year after year ...

                    Behind my back I get called horrid names,but not the normal ones; I get called ' Phone Girl' and 'Telepath'. They don't sound mean, I know, but ... how no one uses my name even when they are talking to me (which is not very offen) it makes my once bright heart turn to a deeper shade of red; my once warm heart colder.

                  Adults do not know how I do it. I think it is just the way I am. Some- meaning most -would call me 'special' meaning special needs.But, I- like many other children I know -believe I am kind of like a phone: I think something in my mind- something to say, something to look up, something to play on -if it is something to say, make sure it makes perfect sence and is exactly how I want it. Think of the person I want to send it to, then,press the send button in my mind and they receive my text!

                On my first day of school at the comp. I thought everyone was like me, so I said hi to them all using telepathy ... and, everyone freaked out! I didn't know what other children were like (I had been home schooled before). That was my first mistake: I should have made friends by talking, then see if they were like me, if I had done that people would have probably thought I was normal, therefore, made friends with me. But I hadn't.

               Zara, don't make the same mistakes as me, you will regret them for the rest of your life just as I do. Now I will tell you how:

               When I was 18 I left home to go to University. Everything was fne: no one knew ne, who I was what I was capable of, so I was safe. When I was twenty I got a boyfriend, Akki Dent, we were a great pair- hardly ever argued, got on with each others parents but ... one night it all went wrong. I was tired. I used my telepathy and he freaked out, big time; called me a monster, said a load of other crazy things too. He slept on it and, the next morning we were back to normal- or so I thought. We wen shopping and he handed me over to the Apple Shop.

            They locked me up, and, I never saw Akki again (not that I wanted to). I was kept in there for what seemed like months, then, they let me out; however, before I could get away I was ... hit. And that was the end.

          For years after that I was experimented on, though luckily, I got away; they already had enough material for the iphone 5, but they wanted more, so I hid. Changed my name, my appearnce. And, I survived to have you. Although I desperately wanted to, I couldn't stay. It would bring harm to you, you wouldn't be safe.

         Zara, please try to think of me. You can remember me? Don't be stupid like me; live your life well- have a long, happy life. We will meet soon.

                                        Your mother,

                                  Cienna LaFleur xxx

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