“Why don’t you get it, Justin?”
“Because you’re not making sense! You have your walls up, but so do I. You have a past, and I do too. You know we’re perfect for each other!”
I scoffed. “You’re ridiculous.”
I turned to face him, anger blazing through me. “I’m a suicide mission. My mind is filled with demons and I’ve surrendered to them. I can’t do this anymore; I’m broken, Justin.” My voice began to rise as my anger grew and I met his eyes. “Why can’t you understand that you should stay away from me!”
He ran his hands through his hair, frustrated. “See, that's the problem. I can’t stay away from you. I haven’t been able to since the minute I met you!”
My breathing hitched as he came closer and closer, walking angrily towards me. He let out a frustrated groan as he pushed me against the side of his car. He brought his mouth up to my neck, breathing heavily.
“You have to keep going. You’re broken and I still love you. You’re still perfect. You’re broken, so let me help. Let me fix you."


13. She's not Emily


“Justin, please don’t tell me you got her into trouble.” Abby snapped at me that Saturday morning.

“No, I didn’t. Nate did.” I yawned.

“Justin!” She yelled.

“It’s true!” I defended.

“Then why did she come here crying to you? I’ve known her my whole life and she looked as if she had just been traumatized.”

“Does she have like, some big problem with guns?” Ashton inquired. She turned to him and shot him a glare.

“What the hell did you guys get her involved in?”

“Nothing! I’m telling you, it was Nate!”

“Yeah, chill out Abs. We saved her, that's all.”

Abby crossed her arms over her chest. I rolled my eyes.

“I don't know why the little bitch came crying to me! She’s on her period or something – I don’t know!”

Abby looked like she could have slapped me. “Justin, honestly. Cassidy keeps all her shit to herself. Be honored she let you see her cry. I have no clue what you two did, or what Nate did, but if I ever see my best friend that broken again because of something you were involved in I’ll make sure you never bang another girl again, got it?”

Both Ashton and I laughed, but a look from Abby and we were silenced.
“I’m not joking. You better hope Nate doesn’t come looking for you two-“
“He should be blessing us! We saved his girlfriend’s life!” I screamed.

“Yeah, she’d most likely be dead without us.” Added Ashton.

Abby’s eyes turned to slits as she looked at us both. “What did you just say?”

He and I exchanged nervous glances before Ashton looked back at Abby.

“I just said she wouldn't be here without us.”

“That's it! Both of you, start talking. What. Happened?”

“He took her to some stupid party and the guys went after her because they want revenge for Emily! Well, actually they went after Nate and his boys because they were all there. Then some idiot let loose that Cassidy was there and she was Nate’s so shit went down, obviously.” Ashton said to her, not looking her in the eyes.

I rolled my eyes. “But they were ’t all guys we know, there were some random people. So, it got out of control but obviously we were there to save her and heroically take over for Nate.”

“And the gun thing?”

“Well- shots were fired and she freaked out. She wouldn’t even move.”

She looked at each of us suspiciously.

“Justin’s downplaying the entire thing, by the way. He was totally freaking out about the whole thing. He seriously thought we couldn't save her from our own gang.”

A low growl escaped my throat as I glared at Ashton. He barked out a laugh in return.

“I’m serious dude, it was like we were facing a ghost or something.”

“Yeah, coming from the one who called her Emily.” I spat out.

“What?” Abby asked, looking at Ashton. “You didn’t.” she said, her hands over her mouth.

“No, I didn’t.” He said slowly.

“You did. I heard you and I saw her face. She looked like she wanted to punch you in the jaw.”
“What did I say?”

I shrugged. “I don’t know. Something like ‘listen Emily, Nate will be fine’. For a minute there I thought we were a few years in the past and Nate and I were still friends. Remember, that time when we had Emily with us and Nate got held up-“

“And Em freaked out. I remember.” He muttered. “Fuck, no way. I can’t believe that.”

“That's it, you guys aren’t going anywhere near her. She’s my friend, and you keep messing up her life.” Abby shrieked at us.

“You’re kidding right? She’s going to be six feet under before you even open your eyes if we do that! As long as she’s with Nate, she’s got a target on her head and we need to keep her safe. We can’t control where Nate takes her-“

Ashton was cut off with a knock at the door. I took a deep breath before walking to the door and opening it. As soon as I saw who it was, I almost strangled him.

“What the fuck do you want.” I snarled at him.

“I want to thank you.” Nate held up his hands in self defense. I couldn’t think straight, how dare he come here? “And you.” He nodded his head toward Ashton as he stood next to me.

I could vaguely hear Abby telling me to calm down and let him inside, but I couldn't breathe. Anger was engulfing me and I couldn’t control myself. Just as Nate shot a smiled at Abby, my fist connected with the wall beside his head. I felt a twinge of pain, but I couldn’t care less.

“You deserve that in the face.” I spat, motioning to the newly created dent in the wall.

“I know.” He muttered. “Trust me, I know. I came here to thank the two of you. I am eternally grateful for saving her, she means everything to me.” Anger bubbled inside of me but I pushed it down, not actually having an excuse for my anger this time.

“She means a lot to me too.” Abby snapped. “I’m not talking about her life here, I’m talking about her emotions. I’m speaking as a best friend to her boyfriend; if you dare to hurt her I swear I will chop all of that styled hair of yours off. You should have been there last night, not these two idiots. You should have been saving her, and letting her cry into your shoulder.” She shook her head.

“I know that. I just received a punch in the gut about that from her too. I know I fucked up. I’m going to make sure it never happens again… but from who and what I saw last night, I’m pretty sure that's out of my control. I think you forget I know everyone from your group, Justin.”

“Exactly. You’d think I’d be dumb enough to send them?”

“Yeah, and after her no less.” Ashton added. Abby shot us both a questioning look but I waved it off. She didn’t need to know.

“You’re just lucky we were there when you weren’t.” I smirked, knowing that would kill him.

“You want to talk about being there, Jay? What about Emily, were you there for her in the end?”

Before I could even think about my actions I had my hands around his throat and he was pinned him against the wall.

“Don’t you say a word about Emily. She’s dead, because of you. YOU.”
“You need to keep this one under control.” Nate choked out to Ashton. I gripped him tighter.
“Cassidy is not Emily.”

“Are you – are you sure?”

“SHE’S NOT EMILY.” I bellowed. I was sick of his shit. “Their only similarity is you! Believe me when I say this, Cassidy will not be the same as Emily if I have anything to do about it. She may be your girlfriend, but I will do anything to protect her. You got that?” I yelled at him. He nodded slightly, and I let go of him, letting him drop to the floor.

“Don’t get her into any more of your shit.” Ashton said.

“Oh yeah, because you two did so much better with Emily.” Nate commented sarcastically, rubbing his neck. As soon as he stood up, Ashton launched at him, hitting him in the stomach. Nate doubled over, his breath caught in his throat.

“Okay, stop!” screamed Abby, standing in between Nate and Ashton. “Stop. Nate, get out. I can’t deal with you being here this early. Get out.”

Nate shot her a dirty look before struggling out the door. “Be good to Cassie.” Abby spat, before slamming the door behind him.

“Justin-“ She started, but I cut her off.

“Don’t. I’m going to bed. Don’t wake me up unless something important happens.”

I stomped through the apartment, slamming my bedroom door.

“FUCK.” I screamed, kicking the side of my bed.  I sat down, my head in my hands, and prayed that Cassidy would never get hurt like Emily. That Abby would always stay safe. I had especially applied to school with Cassidy to keep an eye on her, I wasn’t going to let that go to waste.

You know deep down you care about her.

“Shut up.” I mumbled, but I knew it was true. I wasn’t going to let another girl I cared about get thrown into my mess, and I certainly wasn’t going to let anyone else die because of it.


A/N: Hey everyone! I hope you like this chapter, finally one in Justin's pov! Comment below if you want more chapters from his point of view or if you want it to be a one off thing. Thanks for the support guys, it means everything x

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