“Why don’t you get it, Justin?”
“Because you’re not making sense! You have your walls up, but so do I. You have a past, and I do too. You know we’re perfect for each other!”
I scoffed. “You’re ridiculous.”
I turned to face him, anger blazing through me. “I’m a suicide mission. My mind is filled with demons and I’ve surrendered to them. I can’t do this anymore; I’m broken, Justin.” My voice began to rise as my anger grew and I met his eyes. “Why can’t you understand that you should stay away from me!”
He ran his hands through his hair, frustrated. “See, that's the problem. I can’t stay away from you. I haven’t been able to since the minute I met you!”
My breathing hitched as he came closer and closer, walking angrily towards me. He let out a frustrated groan as he pushed me against the side of his car. He brought his mouth up to my neck, breathing heavily.
“You have to keep going. You’re broken and I still love you. You’re still perfect. You’re broken, so let me help. Let me fix you."


5. Possessive and bipolar

“I thought I left your filthy ass in Canada, Bieber.” Nate’s voice even through the phone, sounded cold and venomous. Nothing like I had ever heard come out of his mouth before.

Bieber? Justin Bieber. Where had I heard that before?

“Still as lovely as ever, Cassonova.” Justin’s tone made me shiver. He had been mad before, but this sounded like pure hatred coming out of his mouth.

“Well, you haven’t changed. How’s Emma doing? Haven’t seen her in a while.” At the mention of ‘Emma’ (whoever she was) Justin went stiff, before banging his fist down hard on the table, gaining a few stares from the people seated around them. The vibration of the table came through the phone, making weird noises in my ear.
Calm down, Bieber.

“How dare you mention her.” He hissed. Nate chuckled almost darkly as Justin’s anger visibly grew. How was this the guy I had been kissing outside my apartment like a cliché romance novel just last night?

“Oh, did I hit a nerve? I expect you’ll be leaving back to Canada soon. This is my territory.”

Justin’s body was still stiff with anger, but his face held a wide smirk. “Oh no. I’ll be here for a while. Knowing it bothers you this much? I’ll stay here forever.”

Nate’s fists clenched at the table before he relaxed slightly, leaning over the table and muttering to Justin.  “That girl you were just with? She’s awfully good looking.”

Justin curtly nodded. I felt myself blush.

He wasn’t agreeing, stupid.

Who said I was blushing at Justin agreeing? Nate just gave the damn statement.

“She also looks a lot like my girlfriend.  If it was my girlfriend, and you keep taking her out, I’ll make sure no one ever sees your pretty face again. Especially her. She’s mine, be sure to stay away from her.” I felt my whole body tingle and my cheeks and neck flush.

Nate leant back into his seat again. “Goodbye, Bieber. Do remember what I told you.” And with that, he stood up and left.

“Not a chance in hell, Cassonova.” Justin muttered before hanging up the phone.

Oh no.



 “Up. Lets go.” Justin muttered. He had come over to me, but barely done so much as look me in the eyes. He started to walk away almost immediately after I stood up.

“Justin – wait.”

He ignored me, like I hadn’t said anything at all.

“Justin, what the hell was that all about? Are you sure Nate doesn’t have an evil twin who poses as him?”

It sounded stupid but how was this the guy that had taken me to a car wash on our first date? The guy who took the stairs with me because I was scared of elevators? The guy who gave me his jacket because my dress was going see through? I just couldn't make the connection.

I heard Justin lightly chuckle from ahead of me, like he was laughing at my naïve nature.

“No. It’s all Nate. One guy, I promise.”

“How do you know him? How does he know you?”

“You ask too many stupid questions, damn.” He said, ignoring my question.

I saw it better to just not say anything for the rest of the way home.

We reached his door – Abby’s door – and he unlocked it.

No one is home. No one’s going to hear you scream.

I rolled my eyes. Justin wouldn’t hurt me; he still wants Abby as his friend.

He held the door open for me to go inside first but I hesitated, did I really want to go inside? It felt like we were breaking into Abby's place… even though Justin lived there too. He saw my hesitation and rolled his eyes.

“Come on, cutie.” He grabbed my hand and pushed me inside ahead of him. The place smelt like it always did. It was like my home away from home. Mitch (Abby’s brother) was always in here smoking (and looking super hot doing it) so it always smelt kind of off, but I loved it.

“So, cutie. Believe me now? That your ‘good’ boyfriend is a jerk face?” 

“You probably did something to him to make him hate you.” He rolled his eyes.

“You’re so blinded by your purity – its so frustrating!” He raised his voice and I took a tiny, barely noticeable step back.

“My purity? I’m not pure what are you saying?” He ran his fingers through his hair in frustration.

“Do you honestly think Nate running into you in the street the same day we had just fought was a coincidence? After we had just been hanging out?” I frowned.

“Of course it was a coincidence. It was nothing to do with you, I just ran and kept running and wound up all alone –“

“Exactly! Alone. How do you think Nate found you? God, you’re so innocent.” He spat. ‘Innocent’ rolled off his tongue like poison, like he was calling me curse words. “He’s attracted to you for just this reason! You’re innocent and nerdy and shy and pure. Yes, you’re hot as fuck but you don’t even see it! LOOK AT YOU! You’re blushing! You’re so fucking pure and I can’t explain it properly but you wouldn’t see it even if I could!”

It was true, of course. I had been blushing. But how could I not? He was swearing and yelling and complimenting me and he expected me to sit there with no emotion like he does?

“I don’t believe you. You don't make any sense! You act like you’re so superior and like you know everything there is to know, but you don’t! I don't know what you did to make Nate hate you so much but I know him! You don’t! Whatever happened between you is over. Nate is a nice guy!”

The corners of his lips quirked upwards, but not like he was genuinely amused. His eyes looked scary and dead. Like they could never hold any emotion at all.  “So ‘nice guys’ threaten me just because I took you out today? Because we were left alone thanks to Abby leaving very strategically? Didn't you hear him? I assure you, it was a pure threat. He would do it; I’ve seen it happen with my own eyes. As hard as it is to believe, we actually used to get along."

I rolled my eyes. “Of course you did. You wouldn’t hate each other now if you didn’t. It isn’t hard to believe at all.”
“Please just stay away from him. I’m not joking or trying to ruin your life because I dislike you, just stay away from him.”

I felt a little stab to my stomach. ‘Because I dislike you.’ My blood went cold, my heart got just a little bit faster – but not in the good way – and I had to clench my fists to stop from screaming at him. That hurt.

“I didn’t want to, but I had a good time today Justin. I thought things would be different now. That maybe we could be friends. Turns out I was wrong. I will stay away from a guy, but it certainly won’t be Nate. Don’t miss me too much, asshole.”

You should have said moron you say asshole too much.

I internally rolled my eyes at myself as I walked out the door.

“Cutie – Cassie, please. Listen to me at least. Please.” I turned from where I stood in the hallway, to see Justin standing outside his door, calling me back. “Let me explain.”

I crossed my arms over my chest. “I think you’ve explained enough. Goodbye, Bieber.” I mocked Nate’s words.

I heard low grunt of frustration from behind me. “Fine! I’M WARNING YOU, CUTIE. YOU’RE PLAYING WITH FIRE. DON’T THINK ABOUT COMING CRAWLING BACK TO ME. I DON'T EVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN.” Before a slam of a door echoed down the hallway, chasing me. His voice had risen as I walked, like he was desperate for me to hear him.

‘I don't want to ever see you again’ the words flew around my mind, silently stabbing me a bit more each time. Had he truly meant them?

I wanted to see Nate. I wanted to just be relaxed with him and forget about stupid Justin and his attitude. So I did the only thing I could think of.

Me: Can I come over please?

Nate: Sure. I’ll come and pick you up?

Me: Yes please.

I went to Nate’s.


“Now will you tell me what’s wrong?”

Nate had been bugging me the whole way to his place about what was wrong with me.
“Maybe I just wanted to see you?” I asked innocently, turning to face him in his lounge room.

“Can’t get enough of this, aye? Didn't you just see me yesterday?” He winked.

“Maybe I just wanted another kiss.” I smirked.

What the hell?

He came and gave me a kiss on the cheek, before becoming serious.

“You’re very easy to read. You have it written all over your face that you’re hurting inside.” His tone softened. “I may have not known you very long but even I can tell something is up.”

“I’m fine, Nate. I promise.”

He sighed. “Alright. Come on, we can watch a movie if you want?”

I smiled, he was honestly the sweetest guy ever. “I’d love to.”



We had sat down on the couch, being kind of awkward. Normally I don’t go over to someone’s house after knowing them only a week… so I didn’t push my limits and sprawl myself out everywhere like I wanted to.

We watched Spiderman – my choice – and about half way through the movie Nate laughed. “So I guess we did end up watching a movie together today… just not at the cinemas.”

I laughed nervously, remembering exactly what had happened there. “I guess we did.”

“How was the movie you watched?”

“It was stupid. I hate romantic movies.” I answered honestly.

He laughed. “So, your friend you went with… does she like romantic movies?”

I internally frowned. He knew I didn’t go with a girl. I smiled anyway. “Yeah, she loves them. She made her other best friend come along and then she ditched me and him and we got kicked out of the movie theatre for being too loud.”

Now he won’t think you were on a date at least.

He snorted. “You got kicked out of the movie theatre? That’s hard to imagine.” I laughed along with him before we both fell silent and continued to watch the movie.


“I better get going. Thank-you for letting me come over.” I smiled, picking up my bag.

“It’s alright. You looked like you needed it.”

I gave him one last hug before stepping out of his apartment.

“I’ll see you soon?” he asked.

“Of course. I love spending time with you.”

I really did love spending time with him….but I couldn’t ignore the little voice in my mind telling me that maybe I enjoyed spending time with Justin a little bit more. 


A/N: Ok this chapter kind of sucked. I'm sorry omg. I love you thankyou for reading and all the support :) 

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