“Why don’t you get it, Justin?”
“Because you’re not making sense! You have your walls up, but so do I. You have a past, and I do too. You know we’re perfect for each other!”
I scoffed. “You’re ridiculous.”
I turned to face him, anger blazing through me. “I’m a suicide mission. My mind is filled with demons and I’ve surrendered to them. I can’t do this anymore; I’m broken, Justin.” My voice began to rise as my anger grew and I met his eyes. “Why can’t you understand that you should stay away from me!”
He ran his hands through his hair, frustrated. “See, that's the problem. I can’t stay away from you. I haven’t been able to since the minute I met you!”
My breathing hitched as he came closer and closer, walking angrily towards me. He let out a frustrated groan as he pushed me against the side of his car. He brought his mouth up to my neck, breathing heavily.
“You have to keep going. You’re broken and I still love you. You’re still perfect. You’re broken, so let me help. Let me fix you."


4. Popcorn wars and trouble

5:45am and I’m still awake.

When I got home last night in my wet clothes, my aunty was already asleep. I took a shower and got into bed, and I haven’t moved since. My mind is full of Nate and only Nate. Last nights final events reoccurred continuously in my mind.

“Let me walk you up – it's only compulsory on a first date.”

I rolled my eyes. “Alright, but don’t be surprised if we’re ambushed by my friend.” Otherwise known as Abby Russo.

He had pressed the elevator button, before I could stop him.
“Sorry but when you’re with me, we take the stairs, not the death trap.” I dragged him towards the stairs.

He chuckled. “Okay – the stairs it is.”

When we had reached my apartment he had stood outside like he was waiting for something.

“Um, I had a really good time. Thank-you for everything.” I smiled at him, giving him back his jacket.

“Don’t lie to me Cassidy. It was probably the worst date I’ve ever taken a girl on – besides the fact that you were there.”

I blushed. “It wasn’t that bad…”

He had burst out laughing before taking a step closer to me, his eyes scanning my face before landing on my lips. My fingertips tingled with excitement as my heart beat sped up. “I hope it wasn’t too awful for you…maybe I can make it better?”

We were standing so close together, I could feel his warm breath on my face. My stomach was littered with butterflies of excitement as he leaned in even closer.

“Well… if that’s what you want. If you think you have to.” I mumbled in reply, my lips touching his as I spoke. My eyes locked with his as our breaths mingled and I could feel my legs shake as he pressed his chest against mine. 

“It’s essential.” He whispered, cupping my cheek.

Oh god. Oh my god.

My eyes fluttered closed as he captured my bottom lip between his and –




My alarm rang through my ears and I groaned. I didn’t remember falling asleep?

COME ON. I was just reliving the good part. I reluctantly got up and put on my running wear before leaving and waiting outside Abby’s door.

“You made it on time today.” She giggled as she closed the door behind her. “5 minutes past 9 on the dot.”

“I wish I didn’t. I could have done with at least a few more minutes of my dream, damn you and your early runs.”

“That's great but I don’t care. I want to know how you and this mystery guy of yours spent your date.”

I rolled my eyes and groaned. “Probably the worst date ever.”

I dived into the elaborate explanation of every disaster that had happened last night as Abby and I went on our jog, but instead of complaining, I found myself laughing and smiling at the memory. “And then he walked me home.” I finished.

She snorted. “Please. He didn’t just ‘walk you home.’ Did you kiss?”

I smiled, a small crazy smile. ”Yes. Outside my door.”

“OH MY GOSH! You’re kidding me right? I still can’t believe you went out with Nate Cassonova - the most popular guy at my school - and you didn’t tell me. And you kissed him. I shook my head.

“I didn't know he was Nate Cassonova... or that he was popular. He is really funny and sweet and I just… I definitely want to see him again.”

“Aww. You’re too cute, Cassie. How about another date today?” She asked as we arrived at her door.

Bewilderment flew through me. “I can’t just ring him again.”

“No stupid, with me.

“Oh.” I smiled. “Yeah sure.”

“Laters baby. I’ll come at get you in an hour and then we can go.” She kissed my cheek and went inside, leaving me to walk upstairs.

'Laters baby ' was Abby’s favorite saying. She used to say it to me all the time in 10th grade, and hearing her say it again brought a smile to my face.


An hour later I was ready to leave. Abby was never late and I had been waiting 10 minutes already. A knock (more of a bang) on the door echoed through the quiet apartment, signalizing Abby’s arrival. I opened the door with a smile only to have my face drop as I came face to face with Justin.

“Ugh, what do you want?”

He made a face at me. “have come to pick you up for our date.”

I cocked an eyebrow. “Um what? It's me and Abby, not you and me.”

 “I’m not dumb, idiot. I mean our date as in you, me and Abby.”

"I don’t want to have to go with you there.” I groaned in reply.

“Feeling is mutual cutie. I’m being forced.”

“Where are we even going? And don’t call me that. I’m not yours to call nicknames.”

“I’ll call you whatever I want, cutie. You look hot by the way.” He smirked at me, and I frowned. I was again, wearing a dress. It was white this time, lace at the top before flowing out at my hips, finishing at my thighs. “This is the part where you say ‘Oh Justin, you look hot too!’” He did a terrible mockery of a girls voice and I almost laughed. Almost.

“In your dreams, buddy.”

“Maybe.” He winked and I could feel my body betray me as my cheeks flushed a dark red.


Turns out, we were going to the movies. This was the last place I wanted to be with Justin. I may have had Abby, but she was hardly any help. She insisted Justin and I sit next to one another to “sort out our differences”. I honestly didn’t know how this was supposed to help, but I didn’t argue with her. Nobody argues with Abby.

“Would you move over? You’re sitting on my seat.” I growled at Justin. He grinned. “What if I like sitting this close to you?” I rolled my eyes.

“Could you get anymore irritating? I wouldn't have even come if I knew you were going to be here.” I crossed my arms and stared straight ahead.

“C’mon, cutie. Don’t be like that. Want some popcorn?” I ignored him.

“It’s really yum.” I pretended like I didn't hear him and picked out my phone from my pocket to text Nate.

“Mmm” he moaned as he put a piece in his mouth. “Best popcorn ever you know – oh man. You’re not seriously texting that douche are you?”

“Thanks for reading over my shoulder, jerk.” Even to my own ears my voice sounded cold.

Good. How dare he read someone else’s messages?

“No seriously, I can’t believe you aren’t staying away from him.”

I rolled my eyes. “Whatever, loser.”

Nate: What are you up to? If you’re not busy maybe we could catch a movie?

I groaned. Brilliant.

Me: Sorry…I’m already at the movies with my friend :/ maybe another time?

Nate: Yeah sure. I want to see you again though. Our date may have been disastrous but I still had a good time J

“Disastrous? He admitted it?” Justin scoffed, before slowly smirking. “So you didn’t have a good time?”

“No Justin, I actually did have a good time. I really like him, I’m not going to stay away from him because you told me so.”

“Please don’t see him anymore. He’s bad news.” He almost looked genuine, his beautiful eyes pleading with me. But I knew he was just faking it to ruin me and Nate. I’m not sure why, but he really doesn’t want me to be happy. I turned back to my phone.

“You’re bad news yet I’m still sitting here with you.” I challenged. I had heard minor aspects of his ‘gang life’ in Canada… Nate was good. He wasn’t in a gang. Before he could reply I leaned over and took the popcorn from him. “Now its mine. Don’t talk – the movie is starting.”

I snuck a glance at him and saw him roll his eyes before turning to face the screen.

Cassidy – 1

Justin – 0



The movie was boring the hell out of me. Abby loved these stupid romantic movies but I hated them with a passion. I was so angry with her, she had left Justin and I alone after receiving an emergency call from Jasmine. I hadn’t spoken to Jasmine since that day I ran away and met Nate… it was like she was avoiding me. I agreed with myself that I would grab a smoothie with her tomorrow. I could feel Justin fidgeting and moving around in his seat beside me, obviously bored.

“Cutie.” He threw a piece of popcorn at me.

Did he seriously just do that

“Cutie.” He threw another piece at me. I turned to him, anger bubbling inside of me.

“What.” I whispered.


I glared at him. “You’re so infuriating.” He chuckled and threw another piece at me. “What the hell? Stop it.” He continued until I had had enough. I picked up a handful of popcorn and threw it at his chest. His face, although shadowed by the darkness around us, changed so surprise was written all over it.

“Never knew a good girl could break the rules.” He smirked.

I rolled my eyes, but I barely had time to blink before grabbed a heap of popcorn and shoved it down my dress. He burst into a hysterical laughing fit at my face, and echoes of ‘Shh’ was held around the theatre.

“Piss off.” I muttered as stood slightly to shake the popcorn out.

He was doubled over in laughter, the back of his head the only thing visible to my eyes but damn even that was gorgeous.

Stop. You have Nate. Justin’s just a stupid pretty boy.

Right. I have Nate. That’s why I’m sitting next to Justin in the movie theatre.

“I didn’t know a good girl could swear either.” He laughed loudly. Before I knew what I was doing I had grabbed the entire bucket and tipped it over his head. More people began to tell us to be quiet as I giggled.

“You did not just do that.” He looked up, amusement and shock evident in his eyes. “Oh you’re so going to get it.” I giggled even harder as he shook his hair like a wet dog trying to get the popcorn crumbs out.

“Excuse me sir. There have been complaints of disruption from this area of the theatre. I am going to have to ask you and your girlfriend to leave.”

My eyes widened in horror as I looked up to see a  security guard speaking to Justin and I. He was thin and short, looking just a bit older than us.  Oh shoot. “Um we aren’t – he’s not my -.” I stuttered before the jerk cut me off.

“I asked you to leave.”

I nodded in fear, grabbed my bag and went to walk out, before Justin grabbed my hand.

“Apologize to her. You don't speak to a lady that way. Especially not her.

I blushed and my mouth dropped in shock. “Justin, don’t worry. Lets just go, we don't need to get into more trouble.” I slightly tugged on his hand.

Why are you still holding hands?

Yeah, listen to your girlfriend, douchebag.” The guard sneered arrogantly. Anger coursed through my veins. Douchebag? Justin looked about an inch away from punching his face in, so I pushed down my anger and tugged him more forcefully away. Thankfully, he came with me this time.

We walked together in silence – still holding hands – before we reached a table in the theatres food court. My cheeks grew hot as he dropped my hand and sat down. Why were we still holding hands? I could feel the anger radiating off of him as I cautiously sat across from him.

“Thank-you. For pulling me away back there. I don’t need more trouble.” He mumbled looking down. His nice words shocked me.

“Um, its okay.” It was silent for a few more minutes before I started talking again.
“That was my first time ever getting into trouble.”

Justin finally looked up and grinned. “Am I corrupting you cutie?”

I blushed. “Don’t call me that.”

He winked at me, his smile still resting on his face. I watched as his face dropped, looking at someone behind me.

“Who-.” I turned quickly to see a guy looking like he was kind of lost. I focused on his hair it looked familiar… blonde with brown roots…Nate? Justin quickly tugged at my hand, causing me to face him.

“When he sees me he’s going to come over here. Please hide or leave or just… don't let him see you.” The urgency in his voice concerned me. “Please, cutie.” His eyes were holding emotion again, and I could tell this was serious. Most of the time he was guarded by a strong brick wall built up around his soul, it was evident in his eyes. But when he was like this, not joking, I could see his guard coming down.

On a normal day, I would have told him to shove his pleas up his ass, Nate was my kind of boyfriend and I wanted to see him. But I had just saved his ass from trouble... and as much as I hated to admit it, I kind of had a good time. I decided it was better to just go with what he said. I nodded and picked up my bag. Relief flooded his eyes as I stood.

“But you owe me an explanation.” I said and he nodded in reply.

Come on hiding spot. Where are you?

I found a pile of ‘summer goods’ advertised in a huge pile, like a pyramid.  I crouched down behind it. Not a very good hiding spot but Nate was surely not going to look here. I could see Justin glaring at me, letting me know he could see me and I hadn’t chosen a good spot.  I watched as he got out his phone and started playing on it, before my phone rung from my bag. I opened my bag but no, it wasn’t my phone ringing, it was Abby’s. Justin’s name and face filled the screen.

“Um hi.” I answered.

“What the fuck? Cutie? I rang Abby not you, I don’t even think I have your number.”

I sighed. “You don’t. I have Abby’s phone.”

“Shut up for a sec.” he mumbled, and I saw him put the phone on the table. I was confused before I saw Nate stride over to Justin and sit in my previous seat.

What the hell?

“I thought I left your filthy ass in Canada, Bieber.”


A/N: heeey guyyys. I'm so sorry for not updating when I said i would but last night i was editting and i fell asleep at my computer. when i woke up all my documents were messed up because i leant all over it so i made the chapter extra long for you! i hope the story isnt boring you omg i love you though thank-you for reading. stay strong and beautiful my lovliess x

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