“Why don’t you get it, Justin?”
“Because you’re not making sense! You have your walls up, but so do I. You have a past, and I do too. You know we’re perfect for each other!”
I scoffed. “You’re ridiculous.”
I turned to face him, anger blazing through me. “I’m a suicide mission. My mind is filled with demons and I’ve surrendered to them. I can’t do this anymore; I’m broken, Justin.” My voice began to rise as my anger grew and I met his eyes. “Why can’t you understand that you should stay away from me!”
He ran his hands through his hair, frustrated. “See, that's the problem. I can’t stay away from you. I haven’t been able to since the minute I met you!”
My breathing hitched as he came closer and closer, walking angrily towards me. He let out a frustrated groan as he pushed me against the side of his car. He brought his mouth up to my neck, breathing heavily.
“You have to keep going. You’re broken and I still love you. You’re still perfect. You’re broken, so let me help. Let me fix you."


2. His insides are demonic

Waking up in the morning was hell – especially at my auntie’s place. The smell of burnt toast invaded my bedroom as I groggily opened my eyes and checked my clock. 9:15am. Oh no. I missed my morning jog with Abby. I literally jumped out of bed and threw myself into the shower.

“Please don’t be mad with me Abs.” I muttered to myself as I tested the water.

I had the fastest shower of my life, cutting myself with the razor at least 3 times in my hurry to get ready. No way would I be any later than I already was. I ran into our small kitchen and grabbed a piece of bread and stuck it hurriedly in the toaster.

“God damn you stupid toast hurry the hell up.” I almost screamed the words. I ran into my room and grabbed my phone. 4 missed calls from Abby and 3 from Jasmine. Damn it.

I called Abby and was greeted with yelling before I could even say hello.

“Cassidy! Where the hell are you? I have so much shit to tell you it’s unbelievable. You were supposed to be here an hour ago! We had the whole day planned out!”

I sighed. “I’m sorry Abby. I kind of had a hard night. I didn’t get much sleep.” Abby didn’t know I heard last night’s conversation between her and Justin and I wanted it to stay that way. His words had cut deep, truly bruising me. He was the most beautiful of them all; of course he had to be the most hurtful, the most dangerous.

“I’m letting you off this time because Jazzy was late too. You can still meet us at the park?” I could hear wind blowing against the phone, muffling her voice.

“Yeah sure. I’ll be there soon.” I hung up the phone and sat alone at the table eating my breakfast.

She’s so boring! Can’t we just ditch her tomorrow? Jasmine is so much more fun.

Justin’s hurtful words echoed around my mind. As much as I wanted to ignore everything he said last night I couldn’t. It was his choice to not even look at me let alone make conversation with me, how could he possibly know I was boring?

“Hey sweetie, are you feeling alright? You went to bed without dinner last night and you slept through your alarm this morning.” Aunty Steph asked as she grabbed a drink from the fridge. “I was worried about you.” She added.

“Yeah I’m fine.” I replied distractedly. I was still trying to figure out why Justin said those things about me when he only had just met me and he didn’t even bother to get to know me.

“Tell me about him.” Aunty Steph said, sitting down across from me.

“About who?” I was confused. What was she on about?

“The boy. It’s obvious there’s someone special on your mind.”

I almost choked on my orange juice. Justin? Special? HA. She gave me a knowing look and motioned for me to talk. I sighed. I really did need advice, and she was always helpful when it came to boys.

“His name is Justin. He’s Abby’s best friend. ” I started out barely a whisper. “He just moved here from Canada, I met him yesterday.”

“And you like him? After just knowing him one day? I’ll have to meet this guy.” She looked impressed, but I was horrified.

You, Aunty Steph, are officially on drugs. Me like Justin?

“Gosh no! He’s like an angel, beautiful and tall. But his insides… they are demonic. He has no heart, no soul. His eyes are dead, emotionless. Even when he smiles they are still dead! His body is drowned in tattoos and piercings. He is dangerous and horrible and filled with hatred. I want nothing to do with him. Last night when I dropped off the books I heard him talking about me, Aunty he hates me! He told Abby to ditch me so they could just hang out with Jasmine because I’m too boring, but he only spoke to me once yesterday! He didn’t try for conversation and ignored me the entire time. I have no clue as to why he hates me so much!”

I finished my rant with a sigh. I watched my Aunty, as she smiled softly, almost as if she was recalling a memory.

“Cassidy, darling. If you want nothing to do with him then why do you care what he thinks about you? You and Justin may be different people but that doesn’t mean you can't be friends. You’re a very quiet, shy girl but you can't fall to his feet. Stand up to him and show him that you aren't what he thinks you are. He will love you for it, in the end.”

I snorted. “Love. Love does not exist. Especially not in him. He isn’t capable of such emotion. I’m telling you, his eyes are dead. Empty, bottomless pits that could only have been created by the devil himself.” I stood up, ready to leave. “Fairytales aren’t real. Love isn’t real. He isn’t the prince in shining armor and I am in no way a princess. Please don’t think we’re going to be like those people in your cheesy romance novels. If I ever see him again it will be too soon.” With that, I stood up and made my way towards the park, hoping whatever Abby had to tell me had nothing to do with Justin.



As it turns out, it didn’t have anything to do with Justin. She was telling me about some guy she met that was perfect for her. I honestly didn’t care, but for her sake I acted like I did. I was so irritated; Justin sat there the entire time staring at me with a smug smirk on his lips like he knew something I didn’t. At least he noticed my existence today?

“Is there something wrong with me?” I snapped at him, interrupting Abby’s story.

“You mean more wrong than normal right?” he spat back.

“Well you were staring at me like a creep. It got a bit disturbing.”

He snorted. “Since you very obviously don’t know what it means to have a guy check you out – I think you’re the weirder one.” My eyes widened in shock.

Justin was checking me out?

 I suddenly felt extremely self- conscious in my running wear.

“Don’t worry cutie, it wasn’t exactly a great view.”

I shot him a glare. “Do you have to try to be an ass or does it come naturally?”

“It’s all natural and all yours baby.” He winked. I couldn't move, couldn't breathe, and once again made to look like an idiot in front of him. My mouth was open, my eyes wide.

Baby? Was he serious?

I got up from the table and left. His laughter echoed behind me as I walked away angrily. I couldn’t stand him he was such a twit. He didn’t deserve to have someone as amazing as Abby as his best friend. She couldn’t see his darkness; she was blinded by her image of her old friend.

I didn’t know where I was going, but I just kept walking. I had ignored Abby and Jasmine’s calls, deciding I was better off without explaining myself to them.

Walking through the streets of California wasn’t exactly unsafe…but I had no idea where I was going, and I knew this was going to lead to trouble. I got out my phone, about to ring Aunty Steph, before the screen went black and no matter how many times I turned it on, it would simply come up with the no battery symbol.

“How brilliant.” I muttered, scolding myself for not charging the stupid phone. It was so old and lost battery faster than it would take Justin to insult me.

I walked around the corner of whatever street I was on, having no clue as to where I was.

Stupid Cass, stupid Cassidy.

My subconscious continued to scold me as I turned random corners and looked down empty streets… I couldn't even recognize where I was.

“Stupid Justin and his stupid remarks and his stupid attitude.” I muttered. “Next time I get my hands on him he’s going to wish he never met me.”

Maybe he already does.

I rolled my eyes at myself and kept walking, trying to at least find a bus stop or something that I could use to get home.

“Are you lost, sweet cheeks?” a deep voice came from behind me. My knees locked and I couldn’t walk, I was frozen to the spot.

10 bucks it's a rapist.

My subconscious chuckled at my bad luck. I turned around to see a young guy – around my age – standing in front of me with his hands in his pockets. Damn, he was so hot. He was almost beautiful, but nothing compared to Justin. He had dirty blonde hair that was brown at the roots, and deep ocean blue eyes. He offered me a slight smile, and unlike Justin, it actually reached his eyes. I smiled back, taking a liking to this complete stranger. A hot stranger, but still a stranger.

“Yeah… I have no clue where I am.” I admitted sheepishly.

“Do you have a phone to call someone?” he asked. I shook my head, holding up my phone.

“It’s dead.” He chuckled and it was honestly really sexy. He had an accent – but from somewhere else, not America.

“You can use mine if you want? Or I can just walk you home…depending on where you live.” He cocked his head to the side, studying me. “You don’t exactly look like you planned on coming to this part of town.”

I blushed and he laughed. “Come on, I might know your way home. Where do you live?”

“Near Madison Park.”

“Oh! That’s not that far from here – I’ll walk you.” He smiled warmly at me and I couldn't help but return it. We took off walking, me trusting him to take me to the right place.

“So, sweet cheeks, I don't even know your name. Mine’s Nate.”

“I’m Cassie.”

“Are you from around here?”

“You mean here?” I motioned around me to the dark, unfamiliar part of town. “No. Am I from California originally? Yes.” I smiled. “What about you?”

“Ah me? No. I moved here about 2 years ago when I turned 16.”

“So you’re 18 now?”

Just like Justin. I stopped myself before I could think about him anymore. Nate was way nicer than Justin and he was literally a stranger to me.

“Look at you, being a mathematician” He nudged me and we both laughed. “But yes. I’m 18. I used to live in Ireland.”

There’s the accent.

You have a cute accent.” I blurted out before I could stop it. “Oh my god I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to say that.” I cried as I face palmed.

Stupid, stupid mouth. Where’s your damn filter?

We were all thinking it.

I rolled my eyes at myself again, while Nate laughed at me. That was such a Jasmine thing to say.

We were getting alone really well and I almost didn’t want to leave as I reached my building.

“Well, this is me. Thank-you for walking me home, Nate. I really appreciate it.”

“Ah, it’s no problem, anything for a beautiful girl.” He winked. “Can I get your number? I’d love to get to know you more.”  I felt myself blush bright red as he held out his phone.



We exchanged numbers, and I left to go up stairs to my apartment. Who knew I’d meet a cute guy who was actually nice?

I reached my door and grabbed my keys to unlock it.

“Who was that?”

I swear to god I could have passed out right then, I was not expecting to hear Justin.

“What the hell is your problem? YOU DON’T SNEAK UP ON SOMEONE LIKE THAT!” I yelled, holding my hand over my heart for support.

“I asked who he was. Who was that guy?”

“Who? Nate?” I asked. I was so confused.

“Whatever his name is, stay away from him. He’s bad news.” His tone was flat; unlike any other time I had heard it. I felt like my father was scolding me. My eyes widened and fists clenched in anger. HE was telling me that NATE was bad news?


“Tell me you’ll stay away from him.” He said darkly, coming closer towards me. I backed away until I was flat against the door.

“No! He’s my friend, and we’re going on a date.” It was only a half lie… we were going to go on a date at some point, just not any time soon.

Justin’s eyes turned to slits before he moved away.

“Fine. But don’t even think about bringing him around here. Get yourself into as much trouble as you want, but don’t think I’m going to let Abby get hurt with you.”

And with that he stormed off, down the hall and down the stairs.

What in God’s name was his problem?



A/N: hi everyone! this is chapter 2! i hope you enjoy it! if you want the casting comment and i'll post it with the next chapter :) stay strong and beautiful xox

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