“Why don’t you get it, Justin?”
“Because you’re not making sense! You have your walls up, but so do I. You have a past, and I do too. You know we’re perfect for each other!”
I scoffed. “You’re ridiculous.”
I turned to face him, anger blazing through me. “I’m a suicide mission. My mind is filled with demons and I’ve surrendered to them. I can’t do this anymore; I’m broken, Justin.” My voice began to rise as my anger grew and I met his eyes. “Why can’t you understand that you should stay away from me!”
He ran his hands through his hair, frustrated. “See, that's the problem. I can’t stay away from you. I haven’t been able to since the minute I met you!”
My breathing hitched as he came closer and closer, walking angrily towards me. He let out a frustrated groan as he pushed me against the side of his car. He brought his mouth up to my neck, breathing heavily.
“You have to keep going. You’re broken and I still love you. You’re still perfect. You’re broken, so let me help. Let me fix you."


3. A date? More like a disaster.

It had been a week since Justin confronted me in front of my apartment, and thank heavens I haven’t had to see him since. It was summer, as if I was going to waste my break hating him but still spending time with him? I had, however, spent hours thinking about why he wanted me to stay away from Nate. Even though I had no intention of listening to him I wanted to know why, but I came up with nothing. Nate and I had been texting back and forth since then and he was such a cutie. To confess, when he had texted me on Wednesday asking me if I wanted to go out on Friday night, I had let out kind of a girly scream. I had called Abby immediately and she made me promise I would stop by her place on my way to meet him so she could check out what I looked like.

“Cassidy! Are you ready? It’s almost 7!” Aunty Steph called from the kitchen. Her boyfriend Dave was over so she was ecstatic when she found out I was going to be gone for the night.

“Yeah…” I trailed off, walking out to her.

“Oh, Cass you look beautiful! You know I would meet this guy but Dave is coming and I don’t want to keep him waiting-“

“It’s okay. I promise, you can meet him if there’s a next date.” I smiled at her.

“Alright… but you do look absolutely stunning. I’m sure he’s going to be even happier that he asked you out after seeing you like this.”

I blushed crimson. My aunty had always been over the top with her compliments.

“I’ll be back at 11.” I promised, before grabbing my bag and rushing out the door.

“Have fun!”

“Please don't stand me up, don’t be like the others.” I whispered to myself, hoping Nate would somehow hear me from wherever he was.

Running to Abby’s door, I knocked numerous times. I was not going to be late to meet Nate.

“Chill! I’m coming.” A deep voice groaned. Justin’s voice.

This is going to be awkward…

The door was yanked open to reveal Justin standing there with bed hair, yawning. I looked him up and down… damn. He was shirtless, sweatpants hanging low on his hips and tattoos scattered across his chest, making him look all types of yummy.

“Um…” I couldn't find any words he literally left me speechless. He cocked his eyebrow at me.

“Enjoying the view, cutie?” He asked, echoing his first words to me. Couldn’t he be at least be original and make arguing with him a little more entertaining?

“You’ve already asked that, jerk. Don’t you get it yet? Or have you never had a girl check you out before?” I spat, mocking him. His eyes narrowed, before amusement was etched across his beautiful features, a smirk resting on his lips.

 “So…you were checking me out?”

I rolled my eyes and ignored him. “Where’s Abby? I need to meet Nate like, now.” I felt his eyes trail up and down my body before resting on my face.

“You’re meeting Nate, dressed like that?”

“Um yes? What’s wrong with it?” I asked, self-consciously playing with the ends of my dress.

“You should wear jeans.”

“What? Why? I’m going on our first date…I’m not wearing jeans.”

He rolled his eyes. “Whatever, cutie. Just don’t be surprised if he tries anything with you. Bad guys don’t let girls looking like you dressed like that just walk away. Where are you going anyway?”

“Shut up, Justin. Nate is a nice guy, why do you care so much? You’re the bad one who can’t treat girls properly. Where the hell is Abby?”

He almost looked offended by my words, as his expression turned from amusement to guarded and emotionless.

“Out. Goodbye, nerd. Have fun on your date.” Venom dripped from his words as he closed the door in my face.

Nerd? Well. Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

I walked as fast as I could down to where Nate had said he would meet me, still hoping he wouldn’t stand me up.

I grabbed my phone out of my bag, dialing Abby’s number.

“Hello? Abby speaking.” A sweet voice came from the phone.

“Where the hell where you? I had to meet Nate, but freaking Justin answered the door and held me up!”

It was a well-known fact by now that Justin and I had no intention of liking one another and that we were constantly trying to beat each other out. The stupid part was I still had no clue why he didn’t like me.

“Oh shit! I’m sorry Cassie; I’m out with Jasmine! He isn’t that bad you know.”

“Maybe to you. But he hates me.”

She sighed. “You should be nicer to each other, why can’t we just all be friends?” I walked out the door of my building and out to Madison Park where I was meeting Nate.

“We can! He’s one sexy piece of ass, I wouldn’t mind.”

“Who’s sexy?” I whirled around to see Nate, standing behind me smirking; looking fine as hell may I add.

“Um…Hi Nate.” My voice came out squeaky and I could hear Abby’s cackling laughter in my ear as my cheeks burnt.


“Nate isn’t my boyfriend.” I wanted to say so badly, but he was right there, I couldn't.

All Nate did was laugh as I gave him a guilty smile.

“Bye Abs.” I muttered.

“Have fun with your boy toy!” She giggled and I quickly hung up.

Fantastic. Way to ruin a date before it even starts.

“Hi Cassidy.” His voice was husky, sending shivers down my spine. My palms were sweating uncontrollably and my heart was beating so loudly he could probably hear it.

Just like he heard you talking about Justin.

“Um… It wasn’t what it sounded like.” I blurted out. He laughed again.

“What was it then? Because it sounded an awful lot like you accepting sex from someone.” My eyes widened.

“Oh my god, NO. No. That's… no.”

“We can! He’s one sexy piece of ass, I wouldn’t mind.” My words replayed in my mind.


He laughed, again. His laugh was deep, making my chest tingle.

You just met him relax.

 “Good. So I have no competition then?” I dropped my eyes to my hands, still holding my phone, and shook my head. I was so embarrassed. Stupid Justin and stupid Abby. When I looked up again he was smiling down at me.

“Do you want to get going? I made a reservation for 7:30.”

I nodded urgently and put my phone away. Nate took my hand and I hoped to god he didn’t say anything about how sweaty I was. Justin would have… if I ever let him hold my hand I mean.

Why are you comparing him to Justin?

“The restaurant isn’t far from here…you look really beautiful.” He added. I smiled, looking down.

“Thank-you. You look…” I looked him up and down. Last time I had seen him he was wearing a jumper, this time I could see his arms. They were sprinkled in tattoos, not as many as Justin, but enough.


"You look really good.” He smiled and it was silent for a few moments, but it was more comfortable than awkward. I was thankful, because I was really freaking good at being awkward.


Luckily, Nate was a really nice guy and he was really funny, so the walk didn’t seem so long. As we arrived at the restaurant I couldn't help but feel under dressed for both Nate and I. I was wearing a simple floral dress and flats, and Nate was wearing dark jeans and a white shirt … but this restaurant was fancy.

“Reservation for Cassonova?”

Cassidy Cassonova sounds like a clown.

Why was I thinking about that? It was our first date. Stupid Cassie.

“Sorry, Sir. There’s no reservation under that name.” The guy looked anxious and kind of scared as he looked into Nate’s eyes.

“Excuse me? I specifically booked this on Wednesday!”

 “Sorry sir, there’s nothing here.”

“Don’t worry, Nate. We’ll go somewhere else, its okay.” I smiled, tugging his arm slightly. Looking over at me his eyes softened.
“I wanted this to be perfect.” He mumbled. My heart fluttered, he was so cute. Looking over at the guy who was checking reservations, an idea popped into my head. It wasn’t a smart idea... but Nate looked so upset.

“Excuse me sir.” I fluttered my eyes at him ridiculously, walking over. “This day is really, really important to me. Can you double check and make sure that there hasn’t been a mistake and there’s a reservation?” I pouted.

PLEASE god let this date be worth it.

I had never been good at flirting but lucky for me the guy looked like a nervous wreck just trying to look into my eyes. He looked younger than me, barely 16.

“Um...yeah. Oh, here we are! Reservation for 2, correct?”

I nodded. THANKGOD.

A waiter led us to our table and Nate smiled at me appreciatively.

“Thank-you. The last thing I wanted to do on this date was ruin it, I checked the reservation 5 times just to make sure it was booked and then the guy almost gave me a nervous breakdown and he was like the size of a twig and-“

“Nate. It’s fine. Nothing is ruined, and we’re in now.” He was honestly making my heart flutter and my stomach do weird flips just by rambling about how much he cared about this date. I had just met him, but he was already stealing little pieces of my heart.



The date was going terribly. I tried to act like I didn’t notice or care but it was all one big disaster. First, we waited a million years for our food so we had the stupidest amount of small talk. The both of us had no idea how to pronounce any of the names on the menu so we had no clue as to what we were ordering… the food was horrible. I didn’t even know what country it was from. I could see Nate barely managing to swallow it, but luckily we both laughed at ourselves. When the waiter came with our desert he spilt melted chocolate all down my dress. Nate was so angry he refused to pay for any of the food and dragged me out of the restaurant. He took me to a car wash, yes a car wash, and let me get all the chocolate off. I could only imagine the state of  my hair and makeup.

“I am so sorry.” He said to me quietly as we walked down the street back towards my apartment.

“It’s alright.” I smiled.

No it’s not. It’s dark out here and you’re soaking wet wearing a new dress.

“No it isn’t! Your dress is ruined and it’s entirely my fault! I was trying to make the day perfect for you by taking you to a restaurant that was supposed to be amazing and it stuffed up.”

“Did you make the waiter tip chocolate on me? No. Nate, it’s fine. I promise.” He sighed.

“At least take my jacket…your dress is getting kind of see through.”

And sure enough, as I look down, my gorgeous summer dress was of course, sticking to every inch of my skin underneath it.

“Fantastic.” I muttered, accepting Nate’s jacket from him.

“If it’s any consolation it wasn't a bad sight to see.” He winked.

Oh my god.

I blushed and looked down. This was the most cliché thing ever, but it couldn’t have been further from a fairy tale date.

A/N: Hey guys! Thank-you so much for the amount of views! I never expected this so yeah thank-you! "Madison Park" in the story is completely made up, it doesn't actually exist in California. A few people dmed me on twitter and asked for the casting so here it is:

Justin Bieber as Justin Bieber 

Barbara Palvin as Cassidy Ellen

Ashley Benson as Abby Russo

Vanessa Hudgens as Jasmine Stone 

Niall Horan as Nate Cassonova 

I'll be posting when I'm going to update next on my twitter/tumblr. Thank-you for reading and I hope everyone celebrating Easter has a safe and happy holiday :) 

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