We meet.

This story is About; The tardis, A girl, and one man and one man only.... THE DOCTOR! Yep!
He's Back, But this time he's trying to save himself from Death. Keep into Reading?!
Will he commit to a Deep committed Relationship? .... We'll You'll have to find out! c:


1. Dear diary..

So today i stumbled on my old Diary, I laughed at it; It read... 

Dear diary, I saw him again.. In my dreams though, I'm so afraid. Is this a sign? Hmmm,

I told my Mother, She didn't really care... -Leah.

So i was rather worried, Anyway i shook that feeling off. 

Well anyway, Hello; My name is Leah, I am 19 year's of age.. And you're thinking already, ''Fake, Fake! and FAAAKKEEEE! -.-'' Well guess what? Nope, This is all true ! :D

So as i was saying, I have met this man.. :L He said his name was ... ''The doctor..'' I am rather confused, Because surely you name cannot just be ''The doctor'' It must of been a mistake? I don't know.. I was rather confused! so Anyway, This is the story of how i came to Know the doctor.. :l

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