Not Sane

"I'm not crazy! I'm not crazy!" she kept repeating to me, crying, fisting her hair quite roughly with both hands. Her voice was so fragile-it feels like I could just break it in my bare hands. "I believe you." I said. A sudden shock appeared in her red, veiny eyes. "What? Why?" she asked. "Because I know crazy Violet. I've been stuck in a mental institution for 3 years and I've seen crazy. You are not crazy." She gave a small hint of relief through a sigh. "Well no one else believes me." I went up to her and put my arms around her for the first time. "Violet just tell me why. Why are you doing all these things? Just explain to me Vi." Her voice vibrated on my chest as she spoke. "I can't tell you Harry. I just can't."


2. Chapter 1

Violet’s POV




I woke up by the sound of the alarm, set on my phone. Today was the first day of my last year in high school – senior year. Finally. I took a short rinse below my neck and got dressed into the outfit I picked out the night before: a black blazer with a white tank underneath, and skinny jeans. Messing with my hair in the mirror, I decided to curl it. It took about 20 minutes with my long hair, but it was alright since I woke up pretty early. I can’t wait to go to school; I haven’t seen my friends for majority of the summer. They all went on cruises and out of the country. Mom, Dad and I also went on a cruise to the Caribbean.


Going downstairs, I grabbed an apple from the fridge. Mom was cooking pancakes and dad was reading the news.


“So you want me to drive you to school today? Senior year eh?” Dad asked putting down his papers to pick up his coffee. I gave him a smile and shook my head no.


“Tris is gonna pick me up. We haven’t seen each other ever since last month, so yeah.” I took a seat on a tall stool in the kitchen.


“Violet, would you care for some pancakes?” Mom questioned turning her head to face me. I took a quick look to see what kind of pancakes – blueberry. Before I could say anything, there was a honk outside. Must be Tris.


“Sorry mom, maybe next time. Tris is here.” Giving both mom and dad a kiss on the cheek, I left for the door grabbing my bag I left on the stairs.


“HEY BABE!” she hollered from the car. Her long, golden blonde hair was visible all the way here. I couldn’t help but laugh at her perkiness. I echoed her back and got in the car, fastening my seatbelt. We talked about our summer and what we were looking forward to this semester. Of course I am most excited for Drama. I love acting. “So,” she began, “I heard Harry Styles is out of the mental house.” I don’t actually know him much, but he used to go to our high school, not long before he was sent away after murdering his ex, Alexa Vale. He was a minor so he was not sent to jail, and people also believed he was a psycho who got mental problems. So, that concluded a mental institution.


“When was that?” I asked her. She raised her shoulders indicating that she didn’t know.


“And the worst part is, they are letting him back into our school. God bless Northlyn High School and entire New Jersey.” Tris prayed, almost angry.


“Tris, come on. 3 years of help, don’t you think that he might have changed?” reasoning with Tris was never easy. I don’t even know why I try. She could be very stubborn sometimes, but she always has good intentions. Tris parted her mouth, shocked by my thoughts.


“Are you going soft on him Vi? Violet, the guy’s a fucking psycho.” She says, emphasizing on the word psycho and fucking. I sighed and rolled my eyes. I don’t want to get in a fight with her. The reason why I don’t really see a person with a mental disorder as a threat is because I voluntarily read to children with Down syndrome. I know a killer is not the same, but maybe Harry changed. I mean, again, 3 years of help and the guy is still maturing. At lease I hope so.


We arrived at school and it was almost a war to get a parking spot. Every time someone goes out, at lease 3 cars fight for the spot. Luckily, Tris found one. The school was busy and there were a lot of new and old faces. The hallway was even busier with confused freshmans, girly sophomores, wannabe juniors, and rebellious seniors. Tris and I parted to find our lockers. Finally, I found it and put in the combination. While I was doing so, two hands covered my eyes. Having a feeling of who it was, I smiled and turned around.


“Spencer!” I squealed his name, jumping to wrap my arms around his neck. We kissed and I hugged him again. “I miss you so much.” I told him and he gave me a smile. Spence’s my boyfriend. “So, what have you been up to this summer? I only saw you once,” I thought where, “at Jacob’s party.”


“Well you know babe, I was just hanging with the boys and training for football this year.” We walked along side each other with his arm around my shoulders and my arm around his waist. “Yeah, I’ve been really working hard to try and get football scholarship and…” he trailed off and the crowd around us started to quite down as well. I looked at where he was looking at. Oh. Harry had just arrived. He was wearing a grey V-neck, black skinny jeans and really old and dirty converse. He looks very different. His hair still has the curls, but they were softer and more slick looking. Wow, his looks changed a lot. “Well look who’s here.” Spencer stepped up calling aloud, walking towards Harry. What the hell is Spencer doing?


“Spencer.” I sternly whispered to him, trying to pull his arm back. He didn’t listen and kept walking; after I let his arm go. I stood awkwardly behind, holding my arm just above the elbow. Please don’t start a fight… Harry looked around, not knowing whether Spence was talking to him or someone else.


“Um, hi…” he says with his deep voice. Damn, puberty.


“Who let you out of the cage?” Spencer rudely commented. I wanted to say something about his rude comment, but I just couldn’t. Sometimes, Spencer gets carried away with things and when he doesn’t like someone or something, he really doesn’t it.


“Er, the court?” Harry avoided being rude back. Everyone was quiet and was watching Harry and Spencer. Harry stole a look at me, just when I was looking at him. I quickly turned away, hoping he didn’t see. Spencer walked even closer to Harry.


“Well murders shouldn’t be let out of prison. It should be like a law.” He says eyeballing Harry.


“Well,” Harry began, crossing his arms, “first of all, if you would know your facts, I wasn’t in jail. I was in a mental institution.” He said, not ashamed. “And second of all, that law is real for certain people.” Chattering from people started going around after Harry finished his comeback. He really did make Spencer look like a fool. Spencer had that violent look on his face. Before anything could happen, I walked up to him, about to pull him away until a boy broke them up.


“Woah there. Spencer, cut this guy some slack.” The boy said. Spencer gave Harry one more stare until backing away, to put is arms around my shoulder and leave. I looked back at Harry and then continued walking.


“You didn’t have to be a jerk to him Spencer.” I lectured him.


“What? The guy’s a freak babe.” I sighed as he stopped walking to stand in front of me. “I just don’t want him to hurt you.” He said cresting my cheek. I smiled and he kissed me.


Harry’s POV


“Sorry about that. Spencer is a dick. Especially to the people he don’t like.” The boy with the crooked smile said.


“But I didn’t do anything to him.” I hissed as we walked to wherever.


“No offense,” he raised both his hands, “but you have history remember? It’s just an excuse for Spencer for pick on someone.” I hummed a short note and stuck my hand in my pocket. Walking through the hallways, I got so many stares and many even backed away. Whispers spread to every corner. “Oh,” the boy stuck his hand in front of me. “I’m Louis by the way.”






The first 3 period of class were alright, although I much rather not have people look at me funny every time I raise my hands to answer a question (which of course I answer right). Just because I was in a mental institution, doesn’t mean I’m stupid. I’m required an education too, so I had a private tutor. Louis guided me to a lunch table, surrounded by his mates I guess. One’s a blonde, another with darker skin, and lastly a rather tough looking guy.


“Boys Harry, Harry, boys.” Louis introduced me to them. They all looked like the school rebels. Not the jerk kind of guys, but the most chilled. They didn’t seem to be bothered by the fact that they are sitting next to a murder (not that I’m proud of it). One by one, they said all their names and shook my hand.


I dug into my lunch and Louis’s mates asked me questions about what it was like in the mental house. I gladly told them because I didn’t really care. After I finished eating, I can’t help but look back at the girl who’s sitting next to Spencer.


“Who’s the girl next to that dick.” Louis looked back and knew exactly whom I was talking about.


“Her? That’s Violet Winters. Straight A’s, popular, pretty, an actress, loved by every teacher,” he listed. “So basically you can call her perfect.” I watched her laugh with her friends.


“And what’s Spencer to her?” I asked.


“Oh, he’s her boyfriend.” Ugh. A pretty girl like her, dating a dick like him? What does she see in that jerkface?


End of the Day


Violet’s POV


I put the books I didn’t need in my locker. Today was actually a great first day. Although hearing people gossiping about Harry during the classes were a bit annoying. Gosh, can people whisper quieter?


“Hey Vi” Tris came up to me.


“Oh hey Tris. What’s up?” I asked holding onto the strap of my bag.


“Do you mind doing me a favor?” I looked at her funny and agreed. “Can we switch lockers?”


“What? Why?”


“Because…” she whined. “It’s near the boy’s bathroom and you know how much I hate being near it.” I crossed my arms and stared at her hard.


“And you want me to suffer through their bad bio?” I told her. Tris pouted and kept saying please. Rolling my eyes, I finally gave in. I cleaned out my locker (luckily no decorations were in it. Only books) and she put all her things in. She just happens to have all her books in her bag, as if she already knew I would say yes.


I looked for the locker number Tris gave me. What the hell? The boy’s bathroom is the other way… did Tris give me the right number? I continued looking for the locker and in the long run found it. Locker 92. I put in the combination and they were correct. Why did Tris say it was near the boy’s bathroom? This locker is perfectly fine. I put my things into it and heard someone going to their locker 2 from mines. I didn’t care who it was and I couldn’t see him because my locker door was opened.


“Hey love.” A deep, every so slightly raspy voice said. Instantly, I knew who it was. Quickly slamming the locker shut to see whether my predictions were right or not.


It was.


Fuck you Tris. 

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