Not Sane

"I'm not crazy! I'm not crazy!" she kept repeating to me, crying, fisting her hair quite roughly with both hands. Her voice was so fragile-it feels like I could just break it in my bare hands. "I believe you." I said. A sudden shock appeared in her red, veiny eyes. "What? Why?" she asked. "Because I know crazy Violet. I've been stuck in a mental institution for 3 years and I've seen crazy. You are not crazy." She gave a small hint of relief through a sigh. "Well no one else believes me." I went up to her and put my arms around her for the first time. "Violet just tell me why. Why are you doing all these things? Just explain to me Vi." Her voice vibrated on my chest as she spoke. "I can't tell you Harry. I just can't."


1. Chapter 0

Violet Winters is a young, popular girl with a perfect life. She's beautiful, and happy. After 3 years of being in a Mental Insitution, a boy named Harry Styles was finally released. He got the looks and stares at his new highschool of course, but he stands his ground. Life started to go down hill for Violet after she kept getting mysterious texts, blackmailing her to do things that made her seem crazy, and not sane. Harry seems to be the only one who know something is up and that she is not crazy, because in his defense, he knows crazy.


Hey, if this story might be similar to something, well I was inspired by the famous and popular series, Pretty Little Liars. There will probably be a lot of grammar mistakes so just bare with me here.


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