Two for two ... Or one ? (Harry styles fanfic)

What will Harry do when he finds out that he has not one but two children ?
Read to find out!


2. song and dance

Patons P.O.V

"Emi mamma emi" Asha yelled as she ran over to great her best friend. Me her mother and father are all really good friends and Tomas gets along with there little boy Hunter too. I wish I could be like Emily's mother Grace and have a husband as great as Laken ... In my dreams.

Where in the dressing room and I'm dressing Asha in her hot pink leotard and sparkly purple shorts. She looks so adorible ! I put on her pink eye shadow and pull her hair into to pony tails on her head.

Tomas dances too and he weres a pair of purple jeans and a pink top.

"Perfect" they says looking at her self in the mirror.

"Yes you are " I said hugging her and tickling her on her tummy. She uncontrollably giggling.

" now do you wanna do song and dance or jazz" I say putting my hands on my hips. ( song and dance is you sing at the begging and go into a damce)

"Song and dance" she said putting on her shoes and running to the wings

"Sit in the crowd now mumma" she said hugging me

"Ok do well" I said walking away and waving.

Hope they remembers it.

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