Homestuck Movie Night

Roxy comes over to see Jane, after a bad dream. To cheer her up, they invite the boys over for a movie night!


1. Movie Night

“Jaaaaaaaaaaaaney!! Jaaaaane!” Roxy called out, giggling.

“I'm in the kitchen!” You called back. How drunk was she? Entering the kitchen, the drunk Lalonde said, “Hey Janey. What'cha baking?”

Oh, just a cake for my dad. It's his birthday tomorrow, and he said not to make a fuss, but needs a cake!” You reply, mixing the batter. Roxy giggled, and pulled something from her bag; a flask. She took a swig. And you knew that it wasn't tea or coffee in there. Roxy walked closer to you, staring into the batter.

You okay, Rox?” You asked, as her face had drooped.

Do you like me?” She simply asked.

Of course! Why wouldn't I?” You replied, putting the bowl and whisk on the side. There was flour and batter on your face.

'Cause I had a dream where you told me that you hated me drinking. Then that you just hated me. It felt so real, Janey, so real.” The drunken teen said, starting to cry.

Oh Lalonde! You are my best friend! I don't care if you're drunk or not! Well, I do, but I know it makes you happy, so I've learned to love you weather you're drunk or sober.” You said, pulling the slightly taller girl into a hug.

Really?” She asked, hugging you tightly.

Really.” You replied. She reached into her bag and brought the flask back out, and handed it to you.

Get rid of it.” She said, walking back a bit.

Huh? What do you mean?” You asked, looking at the flask.

Pour it away.” She answered. You slowly walked towards the sink, getting ready to pour it away. But you couldn't. Roxy liked drinking. She felt better for it. And she was stood in your kitchen, tears rolling down her face.

Roxy, I can't do this. It makes you happy.” You pulled the flask away from the sink. You took a sip. It made your stomach burn, but, you liked it.

Janey! What're you doing!?” She half yelled, half asked.

Drinking.” You said. To be honest, you had no clue what you were doing. You hated the taste the drink had.

Don't.” She said, taking the flask and putting it back in her bag. “Janey, can the cake be for us? I'll call the boys, and we'll have a movie night or something?”

Yeah, sounds good. Can you get me some icing if you're going to get stuff for tonight?” You asked, mixing the batter, pouring it into a tin and putting in the oven.

Sure!” She said. She had cheered up really quickly. She was still drunk, but, hey, that's who she is. Roxy ran towards the door, her bag bouncing on her side.

* * *

A few hours later, Roxy returned with a movie, and the boys. The cake was ready, and decorated with the icing Roxy had bought you. (She came over a while ago, before getting the boys.) It was a sponge cake with pink, blue, green and orange icing on it. In black you had iced the words “Best friends forever, no matter what.”. Roxy had then on the side written “bffsies 4evers” in a pink.

Whoa Crocker, you two have prepared this really well.” Dirk said, smiling.

Blimey Janey! You two have really outdone yourselves on this cake!” Jake said. It made you smile. “Yeah, we did. It was totes Janey's work, I just got some stuff.” Roxy told them.

And you iced it, and wrote on it!” You said, smiling at the three people around you. You all walked into the front room, you carrying the cake, Roxy the popcorn and the boys some sweets and snacks. You had put blankets out on the couch and floor. Just so there was something wherever you wanted to sit.

I'm assuming that you all brought pyjamas with you?”You asked.

Yeah.” Dirk said

Yuppers!” Roxy giggled.

Indeed.” Jake said, doing a pistol action with his hands.

Good. Boys, you stay down here, me and Rox upstairs.” You told them the rules, even though you all knew them.

Thanks for getting everything ready. Unlike when we had one of these at English's.” Dirk said, turning at staring at Jake.

Golly! You haven't gotten over that yet? I just didn't realise that you would be that early!” Jake yelled at Dirk, lightly punching him on the arm.

Let's just watch the movie, okay?” You said, smiling.

Okay.” Roxy said, hugging your arm. You all sat on the couch, but halfway through the movie, Dirk moved onto the floor, and Roxy kept tapping his back with his foot. It was the greatest night you'd had in ages.

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