The Boy Auction

In Rachel's school there are NO boys allowed. But when boys start going in their school all the girls use the boys as slaves. But then there's a problem. The girls are starting to fight on the same boys and the boys are starting to refuse to be slaves. Will the problem be solved or will they have no solutions?


1. Introduction

My school sucks. It's a 'no boys allowed' school. I know you're wondering why my parents enrolled me in this stupid girls only school. It's because they HATE me. My older sister Linda is their favorite child. They enrolled her in a collage where you don't get any work, projects, reports, and other stupid junk that's useless. Well the teachers teach us how to be a 'girly girl' which is SOOO not MY thing. I get hmmmmm... Let's see..... About four detentions a month for not being girly. I prefer myself as a tomboy. Lazy, no skirts, no dresses, and YUCK! No pink!!! I guess you're asking, "then why don't they kick me out then?" It's because I'm the richest girl in the whole school. I thought my 'three more years of high school' was going to be a horror but I didn't know this school was about to change.......

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