The Boy Auction

In Rachel's school there are NO boys allowed. But when boys start going in their school all the girls use the boys as slaves. But then there's a problem. The girls are starting to fight on the same boys and the boys are starting to refuse to be slaves. Will the problem be solved or will they have no solutions?


2. BOYZ!!!!!!!!!!

On April 14, 2014 I had the biggest surprise of my life. When we where doing stupid old poise class I heard voices outside. It was to low for a girl's voice so that meant that they were boys!!!!!!!!! I chucked my book that we used for balancing on my head at eighty five year old Mrs. Wrinkle (That name is a really good name for her!!!) and I ran to the window. I screamed. "They're boys!!!!!" I scream pointing our the window. "What?!?!" Groans Mrs. Wrinkle as she looks out the window too. "Told you boys were gonna come to this school!" I taunt. I run out of the room and downstairs. I ran to the gate where the boys were standing. "Rachel! Get back here!!!" Demands Mrs. Wrinkle. I ignore her. "Hi! I'm Rachel!" I say eagerly shaking all their hands. "Rachel?" Says a voice behind me. I turn around and groan. It's Principal Carry. She beams at me. "That's fake." I murmur. Every time there's visitors she fakes everything. "Go to your class." She says pointing at the building. "Then at lunch you'll meet the boys." "Fine." I grunt. Before I leave she grabs my arm and says, "You'll get detention after school." I grab my arm away from her grasp and I enter the building. I don't care about detention. At least the boys have finally arrived.

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