Summer love(harry styles and you)(nialls sis)

Summer love


2. to london ch1

*Natasha's pov*

I woke up as the light of the sun passed through my window i still were thinking about that i wanted to see niall.Im thinking about go and ask my mom about it but im nervous about it, if she says no,or never,or your to little , she always treats me like a little girl. So i standed up and went to get my self ready so i can go downstairs and eat.



(Its time to ask her you can do it)

Natasha:mom can i ask you something?

Mom:sure baby what happens

Natasha:can i go to london to visit my brother niall.


Natasha:but why i havent seen him like for really a lot of years .


Natasha:but why not

Mom: cause your too little for going alone in a plane , what happens if it falls

Natasha:cmon mom everything will be fine plz

Mom:fine but just promice just for 2 months and thats all no more just 2 months

Natasha:yes mom i promise thx thx THX!! Ily

Mom: yes nat yes


(Its finally morning im gonna meet my brother in 2hrs im so nervouse i went to het ready and go down stair to eat breakfast )

Mom:are you ready?

Natasha:yes im just so happy ill finally see him

Mom:just remember 2 months thats it

Natasha:yes mom

(Taxi arives for going to airport)

Mom:sweetheart ill miss you so much (gives natasha a kiss on the forehead)

Natasha: me too mom i love you so much bye

Mom:bye good luck

*arives to airport and gets to the plane*

Natasha:ill finally will meet him the thing i dreamed will finally come true but how will i know its him omg i forgot to ask mom. Well ill figure it out

*plane arrives*

Natasha:so were do i supose to see him or know who he is

(Niall's pov)

Niall:Dad im so nervous i wonder how beautifull she should be

Dad:calm down niall

Niall:were is she the plane already arrived

Dad: calm down niall shell be here in any second

(Im so nervous i just want to see her and hug her so tight and protect her with all my love)

But then i saw her with her brown blonde long curly hair she were short but i dont even mind she has some beautiful blue and shiney eyes.

(Natasha's pov)

I saw him he was so cute he is blonde with beautiful blue eyes with a beautiful smile the first hing i did is go running towards him i jumped and hugged him he hugged me too is hugges were so confortable that you fell so safe in his arms

Niall: OMG hi im niall your brother

Natasha:hi im natasha

Niall:u have a beautiful name


Niall: your welcome well i present you my dad well sorry our dad

Dad:hi im your dad bobby its very nice to meet you honey

Natasha: thx

Niall: i forgot to tell you i leave with me 4 friends my dad leaves near my friends and i made a room for you

Natasha:(wait did he said 4 friends what? Omg who should they be) really thats cool

Niall:what r we waiting lets go

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